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10-03-2016, 06:30 AM
Level 7 crafting

A few observations on the new crafting items:

The new items are very powerful!

They take a lot of materials, some of which aren't available for purchase, only prizes in box events and ILTQs.

If you have all the materials, it takes a couple of days of non stop crafting to complete all the steps.

When you complete the steps and are ready to finally craft the item, you better have @ 1.5 million honor.

While these items are very nice, they're a long term acquisition. There's no way to get all of these anytime soon. And that's ok. Getting them gradually over a period of time is acceptable, but in should be a bit easier.

As usual, Elf Grass is needed in huge quantities for all of the top of the line items. You need 44 Elf Grass for the Ring (I did the math). You need @ 44 Elf Grass for the Helm (just an estimate) Looking at the other top of the line items, the materials needed all need Elf Grass to craft, so they also probably need Elf Grass in big quantities also.


We need more opportunities to earn materials. How about putting them in as drops in raid boss and Epic Boss? Those units don't make anyone's army and are completely useless.
Wanderer's Crates, Exotic Ingredients and Alchemical Oddities would make great random drops in those events!

We used to get random items in PvP, Epic Shaman Hoods, etc. maybe we could get occasional crates in PvP. Or just get some Elf Grass occasionally.

Honor is a problem. When Gree gets stingy with orbs, we need to buy orbs for raid boss. There's no way to get big quantities of honor in a timely fashion. If you average 50 honor in a war hit, and make 300 hits per day, you get 15k per day. When you need 1.5 million honor, that would take you 1000 war days to get enough honor to craft one item.

Please make it possible to craft multiple items. For the Ring, you need to craft Wood Slave 20 times. Very tedious and that will prevent some peeps from even trying to craft. Let us select a quantity to craft back to back.

Better yet, let us select the item we want to craft and let the entire process be one tap! Wow, you want to craft the Ring, just tap it and if you have enough materials it's done, just come back in @ 3 days to collect it. If you don't have enough materials, have it tell us what we still need before we can do the craft.


These items are very nice, but they will take us a long time to craft a single item, much less trying again to get an Epic.
We need more materials
We need to be able to buy the new Rare materials (Air Motes and Water Motes)
We need more honor

Intan jabrut
10-03-2016, 07:00 AM
One more suggestion for GREE : please use gold only to create ALL of new items instead of honor points. We need honor points to buy some orbs. Thank you in advance. Cheers....