View Full Version : Matchup times vs participation

Agent Orange
10-03-2016, 06:35 AM
Still see complaints about mismatches during WD. Well technically it should be getting worse and not better and that is more a function of lack of participation then problems with the algorithms used.

I've been testing this theory for a while and have seen some serious mismatches non of which I have lost btw even when my faction was unable to hit a single opposition player. There are a number of factors in play.

- number of members
- strength of faction (perhaps an average)
- strength of DL

I suspect the game uses these main factors in making matches but as the match timer increases these parameters are relaxed to the point where the game just grabs the first faction remotely close.

So those having the most issues, do you have a 60 player faction? If so then I bet you will hit top teams more often then you want and if your remaining members are weak/LLPs you will likely be screwed. My gut feeling is that the number of members has the greatest effect on matching.

If you hit a high stat DL or a single player faction don't forget they only get 4 free hits unless they use health packs or have fast regeneration.

10-06-2016, 03:59 PM
Same issue for us. We get matched after 30 to 40 minutes with rank 40 alliance and we are no where near that. Ends up no one can attack forcing a total loss.