View Full Version : Seeking A Merge To Us

11-25-2016, 09:09 AM
Chop is looking for a merge to our base. We are very active bunch. Only have 9 players but we have 47 seats filled with mini's We Can move mini's out to make room, we can have 20-30 open seats. We have completed HQ and producing. We love to chat, we are about building a friendship more than focusing on minimums. All players there are active. In WD we average 30k-100k per each account and 500-750k points to rank us between 300-450. Lowest in FL 30-35m and highest 87-93m during recent FL. We finish rank 200-250 during FL. We try to finish 9/9 in FL. 10/10 Hobart as we try to work hard lol. We would make top 100-150 with your help.

All members become officers when they join.

Our DL 67aa

FL times: 6pm start war. Then 2:30am, 11:30am. And last battle 4:00 pm est.

FL you can declare wars whenever you and your members like.

WD times: every 2nd full hour.

As always we respect each other, no attitudes. No drama. Everyone is laid back and Love to have fun stress free.

Any question, don't hesitate to ask.

Faction code: 130-711-457