View Full Version : The Astral Sextant box event is gone

03-27-2017, 08:04 PM
First it was 23 days, then we had a data download and the guild quest and the Antiquary quests are for 4 days, but the box icon is gone.

How about fixing this asap since we have a guild portion that will take a lot of time

Laura TCK
03-27-2017, 11:30 PM
The guild box rewards are so bad it's not really worth turning it back on lol

Laura TCK
03-28-2017, 05:32 AM
It's a shame they fixed it I had a chance of the antiquity

Duke of Earl
03-28-2017, 07:48 AM
If you kill a mob on any map and wait there @ one minute, then exit and go back in, the box event should be back again