View Full Version : wd messed up again

04-07-2017, 03:35 PM
Yet again an event is a mess my triple and double strikes aren't being recorded and I'm not receiving the points displayed on the results can you get this realty with

04-07-2017, 03:41 PM
I think the leaderboard points are right, just the actual attack win display is wrong?

Who Knows LOL

04-07-2017, 03:50 PM
Same here. Scored 1k on hit. Triple strike made it 3k. But I was only awarded 1k in points. I'm hoping the sale of mw to Deca will improve the game.

04-07-2017, 04:48 PM
Gree must not care anymore since deca will a **** ton of work to do to fix the mess they have made.

04-07-2017, 05:12 PM
Thought we might be seeing attack points based on a legend match calculation, but that's wrong just showed me a point score of nearly 40k on a triple hit, so it's well out.

Vile Lynn
04-07-2017, 05:57 PM
Thanks for posting! They have been working on both points!

04-08-2017, 01:22 AM
Ok thanks for the update

04-08-2017, 03:44 AM
New issue noticed every other hit I'm making the points aren't registering this is getting really annoying now

04-08-2017, 05:06 AM
How can gree screw up an event that's been running for years? Hopefully they fire those responsible for the continuing screw ups and hire better people for the job. Some may seem this is a mean or rude comment, but it would beat reality in my work. There would be no way for me to keep my job if i put out the low quality that gree does.

04-08-2017, 07:41 AM
Points have dropped but triple strikes still aren't being included in the results it's ridiculous now it's not just a few players affected it's everybody