View Full Version : respect all fear none is open again after a hiatus.

05-14-2017, 01:32 PM
50 open spots faction maxed.

No groupme

we take all nodes

probably get to 7 of 9 on sweeps with 2 people

we win all battles

11 and 0 this war with 2 people

let me know if you want end.

everyone is an officer

normal, prestige, and ultimate to 8 of 10 on raid boss

epic boss if wrapper prize is good we get all kills needed for faction wrapper

If you are rude, *****y, complain, easily made mad....this aint the faction for you.

everyone is an officer

my wife has gm and reach her if you need something

start a war fl or wd when you like...give a shout to let someone know you started


We are still waiting for gree to fix locked faction resources....we honeslty have no idea what to do with the parts we are making....we just keep making them.