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06-30-2017, 12:49 PM
Hello Modern Warriors,

As you probably know by now, a new team has taken over the operations of MW. The transition started a few months ago as the old team helped ramp us up. I’m the new lead producer of the game, I am working with NS and closely following the exchanges that you are having with him. I would like to start by thanking you for your readiness to share your feedback and for being patient with us during these initial days. Your contribution really makes a difference and allows us to operate the game more smoothly on a daily basis.
As NS must have already mentioned to you, we want to take it slow when it comes to introducing changes in order to make sure that we avoid breaking anything.
However, based on your feedback, we are already trying our best to incorporate some changes in the upcoming July cycle.

*SPECIAL EVENT Independence Day Login Reward
*SPECIAL EVENT Independence Day Sale
Raid Boss Major K Rampus again
World Domination Italy Intruders
Hardcore Boss Crimson Warden Comes Back
Frontline Vancouver Invasion
Hate & Revenge The Corridor
Epic Boss Pamela Acoby Resurrects
World Domination Canada Conquest
Hardcore Boss Draguta Black is Back

Please note that there will be no Frontline event taking place on the very last weekend of July, 28th-30th.

Few more details about the SPECIAL EVENTS:

*SPECIAL EVENT Let’s Build! - Building costs and upgrade times have been reduced to half. Let us build strong Bases!
*SPECIAL EVENT Independence Day Login Reward - Small token of gratitude on Independence day
*SPECIAL EVENT Independence Day Sale - Deals with new items containing popular bonus types
*SPECIAL EVENT Grand Bundle - Very attractive offers that were promised as compensation by NS.

Additionally, we are working on:

a new building,
a limited time quest that you can enjoy with your Guild,
a building sale to make your favourite old buildings available again.

Daily Login Rewards for July as well as some of our standard events/offers such as Leaderboards, Quests, Crates, Bundles will also contain some of the Alliance City materials.

Hope that these events will keep you entertained in July!

This is the beginning of more communication and regular updates coming from the Team.

Queen Mila