View Full Version : Epic Chance Increase (2017/08/16 - 2017/08/23)

08-16-2017, 03:00 AM
Hello guys,

Here is a list of all the items that will have an increased Epic Chance rate! This event will be active from the 16th of August till the 23rd of August (no specific start and end time).

Rusted Sword
Rusty Dagger
Walking Staff
Swordman Armor
Scout Armor
Apprentice Robe
Oxidized Dagger
Rusty Chainmail
Lantern of Sacrifice
Ring of Blight
Rusty Longsword
Old Leathers
Wooden Wand
Polished Dagger
Polished Chainmail
Winter Herbs
Autumn Herbs
Spellcraft Wand
Acolyte Cloak
Ancient Ring
Honed Cutlass
Dark Elf Cloak
Reptile Dagger
Warrior Sword
Bandit Armor
Warrior Armor
Bandit Mitts
Celtic Pouch
Wooden Buckler
Cloth Gloves
Caster's Staff
Wizard Robe
Rusted Gauntlets
Leather Sack
Cat Idol
Wrath Spear
Gladiator's Armor
Elven Gloves
Kraken Claw
Dark Staff
Dwarf Plate
Dwarflord's Ring

Wield your crafting hammers! Good luck!