View Full Version : Client and Server update - 08-17-2017

08-17-2017, 08:31 AM
Hi everyone!

A new patch is now live on Android and iOS! Please find below the list of changes and fixes applied:

Android Version 6.8.6

Fixed an issue where users could not view values of donated resources
Fixed an issue where opponent names would not be displayed in the Honor & Vengeance event
Fixed an issue where texts would overflow on the reward lists for both Frontline and World Domination events
Fixed an issue where text would overflow on the World Domination pop-up interface
Fixed an issue where a "Only Officers and above" message would appear over the "Speed Up" button for Faction upgrades
Fixed an issue where the "X" close button on “Deals in Sight” pop up was incorrectly placed
Fixed an issue where the division tab would not appear in the World Domination event
Faction members will now be able to receive a pop-up message saying "Raid Boss has appeared"
Renown information should now appear in the Central Command interface
The “?” help button should now appear in the Faction Goals interface
Faction HQ tab should now appear red when highlighted

iOS Version 6.8.5

Removed the display of the UDID when starting the game
Removed the uplink display when starting the game
Improved UI display of leaderboards for the World Domination event

Server Version 2.0.3

Frontline Lag optimization
Added an Option to refill most of the user's Energy Bar when out of Energy
Added a tool that allows Admins to message users in game

That's all for today!

Have fun in game :)