View Full Version : Where should I dump my skill points early on?

11-08-2011, 08:10 PM
If there is a sticky on this topic I apologize in advance, please redirect me.

Anyways, I just hit level 10 and am conference where if there is a 'best strategy' in regards to where I allocate my skill points.

Here is where they are right now:
Attack: 7
Defense: 4
Energy: 200
Stamina: 9

What do you recommend? Is there a guide for this at all? Also, what do you recommend for size of mafia? Currently I have 8 members... do I get as many as I can right now or wait till higher level?


Vile Lynn
11-08-2011, 08:19 PM
...5 mafia per level... See Popeye's guide :)
I would get just as many as you need for your lvl, & make sure they have gear, too.
Sooo... Lvl 10 = 50 mafia, lvl 11=55, etc... Up to lvl 100

11-08-2011, 08:30 PM
...5 mafia per level... See Popeye's guide :)

Could you link me this guide?

Vile Lynn
11-08-2011, 08:36 PM
Ummm... Not sure if this will work, but you can find it under General, Popeye's Advanced Guide, but try this link:


Popeye The Sailor Man
11-09-2011, 12:27 AM
In regards to points do what ever suits your play style if you want to level quick and ruin your account invest alot in energy, where as if you want to go pvp and for the long run go for attack and defence and stamina all depends on how much time you invest in this game, I myself only have 5 defence 500 energy 28 stamina and 90 attack. However the defence star doesn't seem to effect me as I hardly ever lose fights and I mean ever 500 fights without a lose and counting. Mark has revealed that attack and defence don't just add to mafia defence and Attack but work a little more like a mutiplier no one knows how benificaial this is (guide needs to be updated including this)

Just be cautious of the rate at witch you expand your mafia bare in mind you don't want a badly equipped mafia running around with pistols not only this it means that everyone else that can see you has the same number of mafia meaning there can be a greater difference in attack and defence . Upgrade your mafia at your own rate but invest alot of money in defence buildings early on.

Just good luck

11-09-2011, 07:58 AM
When i started i pumped my first 20 levels mostly in defense, attack and stamina i let energy go.
Until i reached level 70 i could not be beaten with defense hardly got robbed, now i am lvl 81 and get robbed more then before.
My attack is now 34, defense 47, energy 1250 and stamina on 30.
The stamin i did raise right from the start and did a lot of pvp and got loads of weapons from that, now i dont do it anymore i finished all quests where you have to attack people, now when fighting i dont get much loots anymore or only weapons who i got tons of already and not counting to my points anymore, so now i am camping out on this level and only farming some kind of weapon i found.
I can have 405 maffia, but when i have my total defend split over my maffia i have 31,82 i deleted until i reached 379 and now my total defense per maffia is 32,84 so my tip for you is dont expand to many maffia, but do it only when you have enough good weapons to equip them all.