View Full Version : Buildings Shuffled Around, Upgrades Stopped, and Purchases Taken Back

04-09-2018, 08:07 PM
Gree struck me too within the past 12 hours...

My buildings have been shuffled around. They've either been returned to the Store, or they've been swapped from Inventory. This means all my upgrades have been reset too. All the buildings that I've been upgrading have been stopped. Some of the buildings that I've purchased have been returned to the Store. I have no idea how many Units I've lost but I know my stats have tanked.

I've been quietly sitting on the sidelines reading your Posts, while upgrading my Base, and hoping I wouldn't get struck by the Gree tornado. Well, my time has finally come too. I feel your pain. This is so discouraging. I submitted a Gree Issue Report but after reading your Posts I don't have very high hopes that they'll really help me either. After playing this game daily since September 2012 this just might be the end for me. Grrrrrrrr

04-10-2018, 12:05 AM
I have 7 accounts on iOS all FUBAR with same symptoms.