View Full Version : horrible battle mismatches

04-22-2018, 06:58 AM
not that i am surprised at being matched against "one man army" syndicates where that single lad has defense in mearly billions. but i am surprised at what exactly are u running these tests for when not even single sht has changed?

i am surprised at the level of incompetence .. lag has not changed, the spiralling sucker has not changed, mismatches have not changed. so what exactly is this test for? for checking players' patience levels? if that's what it is, you have miserably failed, again.

04-23-2018, 10:12 AM
lol what just happened on the leaderboards? something just changed! :rolleyes:

Mrs Cash
04-23-2018, 04:25 PM
Friday we too got matched against a one man team with a defense of 37 trillion. Felt bad for him. Saturday we had better matchups, which we won all by a pretty good number. Sunday we were matched against a few stronger teams that wiped the floor with us and some that we beat. Still, we finished about the same as we normally do.
It really doesn't matter though, as long as you end up around the same place with or without the "normal" or usual amount of points , it's not so bad. It could be worse...
We vary between 290 and 350, and we are happy with top 400, and that's considering half of our team is useless.

Pete Delgado
04-27-2018, 11:10 AM

Pete Delgado
04-27-2018, 11:13 AM
Fix the lag !!!!!!!!