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06-05-2018, 08:42 AM
i'll tell u a cool story today. imagine one fine day everyone you meet, tells you that you need to buy that cool new phone, or a watch, or that new gadget. you dont need it, but when you are told 20 times the same thing over and over and again, it kinda ticks you into believing that you really need it.

this game is no different. no matter what your attack/defense is, there will always be someone to kick yer butt. so your attack is 50 trillion and defense is 25 trillion? or may be you wisen up (by spending gold trollololol) and have now 50 trillion attack and 50 trillion defense. anything changed? yeah, something changed, not in the game, but in you. you thought you became a little more invincible but check your rivals list. tadaaa.. there are enough contenders to beat yer arse to oblivion lol.

most of those kicking ur butt are unknown ppl who wont remember you in a few hours (minutes?) and you wont remember them either. but the point is, there will be enough more to kick yer arse. doesnt matter if ur defense is 50 mil, 50 bil, 50 tril or 50 gazillion. you will have the same crap to handle.

some say that "oh those fortunate top ten teams, they get so many rewards!" i say, relax yer testosterone! they get to handle the same sort of buttkicking as you do while you are in the lower 1000 rank. no difference!

so what the heck is all this "need to play", "need to participate" and similar crap?

ladies and gentlemen, that's what the leaderboards are there for! to induce that sensation of "need to" in you lol. no matter how many events u participate in, nothing wud help apart from cooling down your own psycho-boner.

the moral of the story: choose yer cards wisely because it is a plot to drown you into yer own foolishness :D

Dj SyLambert
06-05-2018, 08:53 AM
True Story! Lol ☺

sister morphine
06-05-2018, 10:48 PM
.... and why I never look at leaderboards! :)

Mrs Cash
06-06-2018, 01:30 PM
.... and why I never look at leaderboards! :)

They barely work anyway.