View Full Version : Sa 6/8/2018

06-08-2018, 03:23 PM
The SA event is broken. No syndicate's are being matched. The only thing that is certain in this game is that the events will be broken. War will begin shortly? Hardly!!!

06-08-2018, 03:31 PM
Hahaha won’t be long mods will be here telling us things are getting better.

Pete Delgado
06-08-2018, 05:01 PM
wtf Sa not running im off work to enjoy battles 😣😣😣😣😣😣Fix this!!!!

06-08-2018, 11:59 PM
same poop, just another day :D

06-09-2018, 02:24 AM
Hey guys, I apologize on behalf of our team about the issues related to the Street Assault in question.

Good news are that we were able to resolve the matter and the event is working as intended.


06-09-2018, 03:10 AM
The apology is fine but this screw up is unacceptable. The problem is that these screw ups have become common place with this game. Why in the Sam hell can these issues continue to keep popping up? Other games do not have these continued issues. The latest Gree earnings were crap, partly due to the reduced revenue from mobile gaming. If you’d actually provide proper resourcing for fixing this game as well as other ones the earnings would improve.

06-09-2018, 08:13 AM
Sa still not working! You said it was fixed but iit is not!

Mrs Cash
06-09-2018, 11:54 AM
We had a battle at 930a ET, no problems out of the ordinary