View Full Version : Failed to connect

06-11-2018, 03:42 PM
I am extremely unhappy. I attempted to log into the game today at 7am PST, with absolutely no luck. I tried using WiFi, using cellular data, turning airplane mode off, then on again, I even deleted and reinstall the game, then repeat all of those step several time during the final hours of Frontline.

I had four accounts in this Frontline. At 12:30 am, PST 2 of those accounts were ranked in the top 5, 1 in the top ten, and the last account ranked in the top 30.

Not only did this blunder not allow 2 of my accounts to get the final reward, it also put me at a lower ranking for the individual prize for all 4 accounts.

My non participation in the final 4 battles certainly hurt my teams ranking.

So my Question is what is going to be done to fix this screw up?

I certainly hope that Deca steps up to the plate and come up with a fair solution to compensate those of us effected by this mess up!

Yoda, The Elite Army