View Full Version : Forsaken Residence changed because of Right-Wing ❄️❄️ ?

Brown Out
07-10-2018, 10:55 PM
Ohhhhh the irony. Can the next building be a "Safe Space" with a "Fox" guarding the hen house? Asking for a fiend.

07-10-2018, 11:28 PM
You seem upset.
Try not to cry ��

Brown Out
07-11-2018, 10:33 PM
Try not to cry ��

My tears are from laughter at the hypocrisy.

Sit tight, a safe space building is coming soon. It makes a one time payment of $130,000 and sends all your brown enemies to carcel de Cuba.

07-20-2018, 12:46 PM
Is Trump Derangement Syndrome Infecting this game also?

07-23-2018, 12:13 PM
Some have no shortage of things to ***** about, sad existence.

09-27-2018, 02:12 PM
Take your politicized crying bs somewhere else you little baby back b****