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07-31-2018, 09:20 PM
Hi, After upfating to v3.8.8, I was happy to see that it works on my older devices and IOS still.
That being said and remembering that we were also told that supposedly this update was to help brinign the app up in the xcode versions so that you could also help in determining the erros and lag areas.
A lot of the lag still exists in some areas of course and we won't be able to really tell where other bugs may lie until other events are up ... For now though some areas of lag that continue are in the current Return of Ikabod Chain Raid Boss event.
The app does not currently update the Guild side of the list well when it switches to a new level.
One has to log out and log back in usually to see what level is current and how many kills are needed.
It also, does not always show when the bosses are pulled up or when they are taken down if one does not have the Raid Boss Select window open.
This window also does not auto update one usualy has to either select INFO and then go back to the Boss Select for it to show properly there too.
Durring this process of course the spinning wheel may spin for an extreamly long period of time.
The Your Health Bar "You" when in the attack mode does not always show the refilling action and one has to Retreat and go back to Boss Select Window, it will show their either the Your Health refill bar is refilling with the time of the refill countdown or the Your Health has already refilled fully. So when in the attack window itself it seems to stick and does not show it refilling. The Enemy Bar also when in the Attack mode does not change any after one hits if others are also hitting it at any time. When one Retreats and goes back to the Boss Select window, the Target health bar also does not change when other are hitting the Target.
There is a huge delay also when that Target is actually tacken down and it does not show it is gone so one goes back in to hit that target and of course it is already down, and one gets the "Cannot reach server error". If one is lucky they will then see a new target pop into the window which of course has already been hit on and that health bar shows where its current damage/health is at.
Other Notes of interest.
Crafting Items overall is better but at times it can also have a spinning wheel that takes longer than it normally should. Battle List - Traveling to a Rivals Kingdom - sometimes also the spinning wheel shows up and although quicker with some, there are still times when it is taking way too long to get to a rivals kindom.
Selecting Profile then My Profile - Usually ok but, if one has Skills still unalocated of course that shows up first, not really an issue but, when switching over to the Stats tab sometimes the spinning wheel starts and it can again take forever to pop up properly the stats (switching between tabs)
Final Observation for now is that if one is trying to pull up one item or event, and another event is trying to pop its reward window or notification for ecample of a new boss being pulled up etc., The spinning wheel is much more prevelant also and I have noticed at times that on a coulple of instances it has taken almost a minute for everything to settle enough to allow me to finish whith what was originally pulled up.
Hope this helps some and as I said only so much testing per event can happen of course but, I am glad to see the progress thus far and that the update did not kill the game for my devices or IOS's Hope others will not their issues also and not just Complain with no examples.

07-31-2018, 11:37 PM
I forgot to add that when hitting a boss, the damge dealt per hit wether it is a QA or FA ses not show all of the time when a hit is rendered.

08-06-2018, 05:30 AM
On the last boss, I noticed that the boss 's life bar did not track the guilds activity i.e. my window showed the boss alive but it had been dead for 20 minuets. My screen did not update until I closed the boss screen an reopened.