View Full Version : Frontline event correctipn

09-07-2018, 07:23 AM
Hi Modern Ladies and warriors,

During the last FrontLine event, we spotted a glitch that could have allowed players to get almost instant regen under certain circumstances.
We started fixing this issue but the full process will take a bit of time still. With the upcoming event, this glitch won't happen but we want to bring to your attention that there might be a side effect that does not grant you back your deploys after queued deploys were canceled. After extensive testing, we determined that this would only concern a very small number of players and only in very specific cases. We already know how to fix this issue and it should be fixed with our next client update.

Would this glitch impact the player base this weekend, we will monitor the situation and we will compensate the affected players.

We wish you all, a pleasant event this weekend!


09-20-2018, 05:50 AM
Dear Modern Warriors,

we are still currently waiting for Apple’s Approval to pursue the fix of the deploy glitch mentioned above. Would we not get Apple’s approval on time and you face any deploy issues during the event, we will compensate you and all the concerned players.

Thank you for you patience and dedication.