View Full Version : Deca… How much longer will cheaters be tolerated for violating TOS ? War Indy LB

10-18-2018, 06:58 PM
Gree & Deca This is the second war that you’ve punished active & honest players in War by allowing cheaters to continue to play this game. The individual leader board you keep changing after war by having to continually remove the cheaters from the ranks of honest players has caused them to fall into a ranking bracket they did not play for or want and they are forced to get a prize they didnt want or need. Indy prizes are posted, players choose what they want as a prize, play countless hours to achieve and spend money to get it and you change the rank after war is called false advertisement!! You even post the individual ranking list which shows where players ranked but you then change it because of cheaters? That shouldn’t be playing anyway ? By banning temporarily is going to allow this to continue every war and that doesn’t make sense to everyone else.

The loyal players of this game shouldn’t be treated this way and many have spent a fortune and countless hours trying to achieve a certain indy rank and because you allow players to violate your own tos policy shouldn’t be the fault of anyone else but your company. So why should honest loyal players suffer the consequences of your ignorance to cheaters? If this continues every war you might as well fold up war and have one less event. Because I know myself and many others won’t keep holding our breathe waiting for Gree & Deca to finally enforce you’re policies you’ve posted as violations of the tos. There is an a very easy solution to this and stop punishing everyone else. Permantly BAN the cheaters and stop allowing others to suffer the consequences of your own negligence.

The CC Community has been waiting a very long time for Gree & Deca to do the right thing & get this game back to where it once was. Thanks