View Full Version : World Domination Leaderboard issue

05-16-2019, 08:40 AM
Dear players,

Due to a database issue at the end of this past weekend World Domination, the leaderboard did not correctly update before rewards were sent out and some players got wrong Faction rank rewards.

This impacted various Factions across the leaderboard so we took some time to build a new reward job to grant everyone its correct rewards.

This error makes it rather hard to set proper and definitve leaderboard results as the correct data does not match exactly what you could see in the very last minutes of the event but we will try to publish such leaderboard as soon as possible.

This database overload never happened in that specific way before but we will prevent it from happening again.

In the few rare cases where you or your faction got a reward one rank higher than you should have, this will not be taken away as your overview of the leaderboards might have give you a wrong impression of your final rank plus not every player in a same Faction was necessarily impacted. To take away these extra rewards would require us to go for a longer scan of every single account which is not something we can technically do.

We are putting all of efforts into making sure no one is missing a reward and all player should have received their missing rewards within the next hour.

Thank you for your understanding and patience,

Your Deca team

05-17-2019, 02:16 AM
Dear players,

This morning we ran some more verifications regarding the leaderboards issues and rewarding problems we faced this weekend. We made sure that none of the top 5 factions kept more than one exclusive rank reward as this would severely impact the game and the competition between players and factions.

Many of you also asked about the final leaderboard and we will be able to share it with you early next week. We need this extra time because the extraction of this data cannot happen in the usual way. We also want to verify that this newly extracted leaderboard matches the faction scores perfectly.

As the issues we faced were with the leaderboards generation tools, we need to match and compare the leaderboard extract with all the independant faction scores that we used to grant the correct rewards.

Sorry again for the time this takes but we don't want any error to be spread over to the community and want this leaderboard to be just as they should.

Thank you for your understanding,

Your Deca team