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11-12-2011, 08:29 PM
Ok so my initial understanding was the bigger the mafia you have and the more items you have for your mafia the more strength your character will have. But I have at least 20 of each item (guns,melee,and armor) and got a ton of vehicles too. Also got about 410 mafia members.

But I have seen people that have 100 mafia members and less than 10 of most of there items and somehow is as strong or stronger than me. Is there some quality over quantity thing going on here?

Should I remove weak mafia members?

It has also gotten to the point that when I add new weapons it will either give me no attack/defense points or very little!

I've been searching the forum for some answers but have not yet come across it so hopefully I can get an answer this way and help others in the process. Thanks

11-12-2011, 09:26 PM
So your assumptions are that:

The bigger your mafia is the stronger your mafia will be because it uses all the items you own?

Is that what your trying to say?

A few things i can point out.
Quality of items does matter, its not just about quantity. If a person has more quality attack/defense items then they will be stronger then that of a person who uses weaker attack/defense items.

The game does not care what level or strength your mafia members are. It does not matter.

There may be a time when you have enough of one item to replace a weaker one.
Lets say you own 20 Junkers (1/1)
If you do not increase your mafia size and you purchase 20 Yamaha Bikes (13/12)
You will essentially replace the Junkers. Each Bike would yield 12/11 to your mafia attack and defense.

If you are adding weapons or items and they do not have an effect on your stats, its probably because they are not replacing anything or there is not a large difference in strengths.

What is your level, mafia attack, mafia defense?