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11-24-2011, 02:03 PM

Just after a bit of help please:

Stats are as follows to start with:

Level: 30
Robs Won/Loss: 217/56
Fights Won/Loss: 391/283
Mafia Members: 24 (was around 60 but got rid of a load as I thought this would help)
Weapons: 278
Armor: 125
T Mafia Attack: 430
T Mafia Def: 1031
Income: 7995

Now I did a spreadsheet earlier and counted up all my items, these are:

Melle: 119
Vehicals:25 (one of the reasons I reduced my mafia size due to lack of cars but I'm working on this)

Ive just bought a gun to see how my attack and defense stats would increase, the gun had a attack of 6 and defense of 4. When I went to have a look at my new stats the attack had only increased by 2 and the defense didnt increase at all. What does this mean? Does it mean the items I am taking to battle have very low stats? (I can see I have alot of low rated items from my spreadsheet). How do I overcome this? Buy ALOT more higher rated items?

Please help me as I seem to be getting no whereand loosing almost every fight/robbery.


Royal Flush
11-24-2011, 02:20 PM
Buy / upgrade your defence buildings to defend properly; with that small amount of mafia they will have a massive impact.

Your defence didn't increase from the gun purchase because the lowest gun you have must be at least 4 already. You'll have to buy guns with higher defence than that to get an increase. This won't be the case for all your guns, for example - the top 24 guns you have could be 1 gun with 4 defence & 23 with 5 defence. Buying a gun with 5 defence will increase your total mafia defence by 1, but if you bought more it wouldn't make any difference. You would then have to buy guns with a defence of at least 6 to increase your total mafia defence .... Make sense?

PS I'd focus on defence buildings first, then improving your attack, then getting respect items - seeing as how you have a small number of mafia

11-25-2011, 12:48 AM
You are losing every fight, but are you actually checking to see who you are attacking?
Hit the rob button, then look at their stats before you rob a building or attack them.
If they are lower than you, batter them.

The comment on defense buildings is OK, but I'd actually disagree, you did not mention you are getting continually robbed, just losing fights, so it is attak you should spend money on. The more you spend on attack, the more you can attack and the more you get.
Defense buildings will not gain you anything, if you play regulaly and bank all your cash defense buildings count for nothing.
Are you playing the story? Cos you should be getting plenty of weapons from that and some are not bad.

When you look a your rivals list, what are the mafia numbers on there? if they are all over 24, then I would increase that slightly, but don't go wild 100 is too many, but 25 more would be good and will probably add 200-300 attack points.

You are wise to concentrate on vehicles as these are underestimated. MUSTANGS will do you very well even up to higher levels.

Buy enough for all your mafia. It will cost you 50x$800 - $4,000 but will add 200 attack points!!

If you increase your mafia by 26 and spend $40,000 on explosives, you'll be up to about 800-1000 attack straight away !!
Just keep checking on who you are attacking or you'll use the explosives, but in general if their defense is lower than your attack (by 10-20%), you won't lose any. Max you'll ever lose it 15 in any one attack.