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Slasher IRL
12-10-2011, 09:37 AM
Is it worth it to grind out the energy and stamina every chance I get. Verse upgrading and building a bigger income. In other words should I level up fast, slow, or not at all to pawn people in this game.

12-10-2011, 10:06 AM
It is definitely worth it to use all ur energy and continue to level up. As for using stamina, as long as you have valor missions to complete it is also worth it to keep attacking people. Attacking people isngreat experience and inwas leveling up 3 or 4 times a day just doing missions and attacking people when i could. This last until around level 50 where you eventually finish up all those missions and can only do 2-3 per level. If you spend your money properly and your valor properly you can do all this and end up really powerful without spending a cent. More powerful than those people that spend $600 real cash for troops because they dont know **** about how to play the game.

12-10-2011, 04:48 PM
Slasher, you'll definitely get different opinions on that question -- and that's kind of the coolest thing about the game, that each player will choose their own strategy, each with different advantages.

There are many of us who, from our experience in Crime City, found that leveling quickly left us weak and exposed at the mid-range levels. Thus we like a strategy of leveling as slowly as possible, using the time to build up money buildings and thus presumably be more prepared for later levels, becoming the pwner and not the pwned.

In following that strategy, we use little (or even none) of our stamina or energy at first. Instead, the important resource is time, and the strategy is in juggling building, expanding, and upgrading so as to keep a steady stream of economic improvements at all times.

For more information and thoughts about that type of strategy, be sure to check out posts here by Tramp Stamp and looker, among others.

Agent Orange
12-10-2011, 05:52 PM
I played the same style as JMC, in my case I was inadvertently lucky because I started playing just when the game was released so there weren't as many players and hardly any that were very powerful. Therefore I used the strategy of leveling up fast and picking off as much valor as I could to buy the most powerful weapons I could for free. I too have not spent any money playing the game.

Three weeks later and it's quite a different scenario, lots more players and some real whales out there who have either spent a lot on weapons or are devs or friends who got handouts. Personally I can't see someone spending hundreds of dollars on a game just to prove that they are better only because they can outspend the smarter players....

The players who are dead meat now are the one's in the middle ground, they turn up on the whales rival lists and get flattened. Or they beg to be added to the whale's rival list so that they can take shelter from the constant attacking/raiding.

I think there are some 'sweet' spots in terms of the combination of Level vs Allies and if you are careful not to move too fast you can hide in one of these areas. Once you get past about Level 35 and have more than 100 allies you are basically screwed unless you were smart and happen to have an attack score over 13,000 and a defense score over 13,000 otherwise anyone who is not an allie is going to hammer you since there isn't a lot of fresh meat up at this level and frankly it's kind of boring because of this.

Which I guess leads me to the logical conclusion there really wasn't any point to getting up here because there isn't a lot to do. Either keep building defenses and attack value so that the 1 or 2 other players who aren't allies don't come attacking or just sit back and wonder what the heck to do next.

Slasher IRL
12-11-2011, 06:49 AM
Agent Orange,

I was overcome with a sense of depression reading the last few lines. Now is it the fact that it's a new game and it'll take the majority of people to join/advance in the game. That you're just ahead and less action. Or more just **** from the whales, that its boring now?

12-11-2011, 06:55 AM
It is great.
Thanks for share it.

12-11-2011, 11:22 AM
I agree with Agent Orange that you shouldn't level up too quickly. Once you get past lvl 30, you will be in the big boys rival list. When you are here, unless you have over 9k defence, your news will be filled with new news every time you login.

At high levels, fighting other people is very expensive. For my army majority of units are snipers and flamethrowers. Every time I attack/raid someone, regardless of winning or losing I lose about 2 snipers and 1-2 flamethrower. That is about $40-60k per attack. Unless you can make sure you win more than $60k when fighting, there is no point of attacking/raiding.

Agent Orange
12-11-2011, 01:46 PM
Agent Orange,

I was overcome with a sense of depression reading the last few lines. Now is it the fact that it's a new game and it'll take the majority of people to join/advance in the game. That you're just ahead and less action. Or more just **** from the whales, that its boring now?

Basically I think the strategy you employ now is going to be incredibly important. As I said I was lucky in that there weren't as many players when I started which meant I didn't look at my SITREP and weep every morning because I had been wiped out. Also learned in the first day to use this silly thing called Vault and to upgrade the crap out of it as soon as I could afford to. If you don't you become the cash cow of everyone that is more powerful than you.

There seem to be two types of players up in the high levels now, those that worked their way up in the beginning using strategy and cunning and those who bought their way in (or are funded by the devs), I can't shake this funny feeling that there are a few seeded players in this game that go in to stir things up just so you get pissed off and buy gold or cash.

You can also advance very quickly through the game depending on what you do and you can move up to whale territory by accepting too many ally requests. Perhaps as time marches on things will level out a bit but the reality is you will then be moving along with the 'pack' and other than raiding and pillaging there isn't a lot to do.

I think this is where the game goes off the rails, the pace is great at the beginning but north of 30 things start to grind to a halt because everything takes forever to build. I hear you when you say this is a funzio strategy to keep you hooked but honestly I think the better way to keep you hooked is to not let the pace put you to sleep so that you walk away. Granted this seems to be a common theme in these types of games where the devs seed the games for free but rely on in game purchases to put food on the table the big problem is as far as I can see is that your cash is better spent at the beginning and not at the end.

If you didn't upgrade your vault but built a lot of money buildings and don't spend your dough before you go to bed most likely you'll wake up in the morning and find your cash gone so you are force to spend it on stuff that might not have been in your game plan.

Problem 2, once you get up in the map challenges you need have x number of specified units in order to complete a challenge. I'm only now revisiting this area because most of the targets on my rivals list are picked clean when I check them out so other than watching and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting for my buildings and base to expand I might just as well go out and build a real house or something that is less time consuming or revisit the maps.

And I 100% agree with youj, fighting can be very expensive. The notes under the units seem to be more of a fairy tale than reality as some of the 'hard to kill' items, especially the valor items can be easily killed off. I think I've lost something around 80-90 Stealth Frigates and probably 20-30 Super Hornets as well as thousands of Scouts for what maybe a chance for more valor or a thousand dollars if attacking a base so fighting is not a very lucrative proposition.

If I was playing the map challenges a lot I would bump up my energy as you need lots of it in the higher challenges but that may come back to haunt you later on when you hit the higher levels and need those skill pts for attack and defense and that spins back to what neonblue mentioned about depending a lot on how you play.

I'm guessing that those who have a lot of CC experience will do better as it sounds like a lot of the same strategy is employed here. (I have never played CC) But like war strategy games so that's what drew me here and after a bit of study a lot of things become clear like making sure you have a good defense as well as offense.

Hmmm which makes me wonder about a really different tactic, I'll call it the spider and the fly. Play all defense, in other words no attack units but a boatload of engineers, medics, and troop transports. Also only select defense for your skill pts and level up slowly. Wait till folks attack you and see what happens, or go out and attack someone and loose and wait till they return the favor and loose. Hmm yeah I am really bored of this game to come up with something dumb like that.

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