View Full Version : Getting robbed like crazy and what does my "computer generated" mafia do

12-10-2011, 02:20 PM
Ok so I know my stats are probably bad. I just cant figure out why I get robbed like crazy despite a lot of defensive buildings. A few questions:

1) Here are my stats: Any recommendations?
Level: 56
# of Mafia: 37
# of Weapons: 432
# of Armor: 183
Mafia Attack: 953
Mafia Defense:1603
Income Per Hour: $9847

2) I look to have only around 10 "real" mafia members. How efective are the fake ones the game gives me as I level and can I replace them? When I add, I still seem stuck with these computer generated members. How many would you recommend I have?

3) Whats a good defense/per mafia, or a good defense for my level?

Thanks so much guys!

989 488 218

12-10-2011, 02:36 PM
One mafia is one mafia, whether it be a real friend or a henchman. Henchmen cannot be deleted. None of your mafia bring equipment, so it's up to you to equip them with the strongest items you can afford. Each mafia member can use 1 gun, 1 melee, 1 armor, and 1 vehicle (and 1 explosive but those aren't recommended), so it's important to check your inventory to see what you have. With 37 mafia you should have 37 of all item types except explosives, and if you want to be successful later you should buy the strongest equipment you can afford. The game automatically chooses your strongest weapons for you.

I don't remember what my stats were at that level. I know they were much higher than what you claim to have, but my income was also way lower. That's because when I started I tried to gain a lot of stats before starting to earn a lot of income. A long and challenging process, but worth it.