View Full Version : Tip on what to spend 82 gold on

12-11-2011, 08:52 AM
Hi guys! My first post here and i would love some advice!

I am a pretty dedicated player and did the ''mistake'' of choosing agent as a class in the beginning when i was trying out the game and after a while i realized since i focus mainly on building a strong economy that anything besides being a tycoon is foolish.

So what did i do? I bought some gold to upgrade to goodfella to correct my mistake, I was no sure at first wether to spend money or not but when you sometimes pick up the fun in the middle of the night to collect money and farm M4 A1 you clearly spend alot of time in this game so i figured i'll save alot of time in the long run with the 10% extra cash from buildings.

However Funzio only lets you buy 240gold bars and not 150 as i wanted so i was stuck with 90 gold, but i got myself an Icecream shop just because i love my current lvl 10 one! So what would be the best investment for my gold? I am thinking almost only about buildings since it seems like a far better investment in the long run. Or is there something else that i should consider?

Im currently lvl 39 only so that limits my options, im farming for M4 A1's though so im advancing in levels at a decent pace.

I've looked around abit and found that the smoke shop looks like an okey idea since its so cheap (i could buy 2 and still afford something more) but ive also looked at the wedding chapel (lvl87).

The wedding chapel feels like a long way to go and also from what I understand it's damn expensive to upgrade!

So any advice from you guys would be appriciated! The only time I will every buy gold so I would love to spend it wisely!

Thank you