View Full Version : Why cant i get the Military Assault Rifle?

12-15-2011, 05:56 AM
I have downloaded the Modern War app and I am currently at level 11. Why have I not gotten the Military Assault Rifle?

If anyone knows a solution thank you!


12-15-2011, 06:07 AM
I had the same problem b4 as well, didn't get it until I emailed Funzio support about it. They say since there's too much lagging of the game, some may still not get it until the updates. If you have updated to the latest version 2.0.1 and still hasn't receive it, just email them right away;


Tramp Stamp
12-15-2011, 09:05 AM
I had to receive mine via support intervention, too.

12-15-2011, 10:02 AM
Had the same prob. Just deleted the game (MW) and then I got it when I opened CC haha