View Full Version : How essential are gold money buildings latter?

01-06-2012, 07:34 PM
I have avoided spending to much on this game since it is just an app but now seriously considering buying 1500 gold bars and getting the rock cafe's, wedding chapels, pirate taverns and in 10 levels the gentlemen's clubs and spending the rest on body guard agencies.

I would imagine this would really help build the money to start on those high dollar buildings will need at end game to be able to buy things like jets.

Currently collecting about 300k a day from my buildings and robbing about $700k but the rob amount will reduce as I attack more so income is low and unless something changes end game can't see end game items being in reach.

So for end game money is it essential to build your own hoods income or is it just as variable to build your attack to a level where you can just rob others? I guess the concern is with defense buildings it may not be possible to get attack high enough to hit those you want.