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01-15-2012, 11:48 AM
Hey all, first time poster here and new player as well. I started this game and just casually played it, focusing on doing missions and leveling... then I realized I was being dumb. I was getting raided constantly, losing all of my money, not making enough money, and regularly being over matched when attacking/defending vs people my own level. I did some 'thinking' and came up with a strategy that is probably common sense to most experienced players here, but incase it might help someone who was like me 2 weeks ago, I wanted to share it. Also I'm not saying this is the only, or best way to go. It just put some enjoyment back into the game for me by making me much more successful in my opinion.

What I realized: Money is king.

As soon as I decided that, I needed to accomplish losing less money, and making more. That is 100% what I'm still doing now... I quickly turned my hourly income from around $10,000 to over $60,000 and I can't remember the last time I actually lost money to an attacker. Here's how I made the turn around:

My problems were:

My nation was Russia
I was level 26 and my Defense was only 500'ish
My Vault cap was extremely low
My extra money went to Unit Buildings
Doing missions leveled me rapidly and paired me up against MUCH stronger opponents
I didn't know what was the right/best thing to buy - all purchases were "gut" feelings

My fixes (in the same order):

I paid for the only thing I will in this game - a Nation change to the UK
I focused on buying the most efficient units possible to increase my defense
I made increasing my Vault cap my #1 priority.
My extra money went first to Transports, then to money building builds and upgrades
I haulted everything I could to gain experience
I created a google docs spreadsheet which calculates which upgrades were the best for me based on how many times I load the app per day

Some further details on those:
Doing some quick math told me that long term United Kingdom was the ONLY way to go for defense, and I needed sea units to stop me from getting beat up constantly. So now that I was UK, I started farming an older mission for money & boats. The mission was in the Off Shore Drilling Rig, and it's called "Aircraft Carrier - Defeat". Rewards are $1200-$3300 cash, and a sea unit every time. From what I can tell I did this mission about 135 times consecutively, and although it did get me a few more levels, it helped me achieve exactly what I needed. Here's what I got from it:

CASH - Averaging 2k per completion: 270,000
Oil Destroyers - 39 units earned
Oil Aircraft Carriers - 24 units earned
Mine Ships - 72 units earned
That yielded me a total of +261 Attack rating and +342 Defense rating, not counting my UK bonus to it.

I was constantly upgrading my vault, and every penny over my cap went to buying transports. As of right now I have 122 transports (those alone are giving me almost 1,000 defense and they're super cheap).

Next, and probably the most important thing which I would guess is OFTEN overlooked... WHICH money buildings are best, and how do you decide which to upgrade next? And which to buy next?

The important factor here is: HOW OFTEN DO YOU LOAD THE APP TO HARVEST YOUR MONEY BUILDINGS? If you have a Supply Depot that kicks out $550 every 5 minutes that's great - it gives you a theoretical $158,400 per day.... but that's ONLY if you literally load the game exactly every 5 minutes all 24 hours a day to harvest it. I load the game about 4 - 6 times a day. So to me, the Supply Depot is only worth about $2200 per day. With that knowledge, I created a spreadsheet on google docs which automatically calculates based on my "App Loads Per Day" which building should be upgraded or purchased next. The factors used in the math are:

Current income
# of payouts per day (per building)
Cost to upgrade
Post upgrade income

I used that data along with my number of app loads per day (or harvests per day), to figure out how much benefit I'll be getting per upgrade dollar spent. You'd be surprised at which buildings help you out the most. Essentially, you figure the maximum harvests per day on each, and then use a formula to limit the the number of harvests per day if the maximum number is greater than your app loads per day (again, 288 harvests per day on the Supply Depot is only 4 or 6 per day for me). Then you take that number to figure the difference in income from current income to potential income post upgrade, and then you take the difference number and create a ratio between the cost to upgrade versus the daily benefit it grants you. I call that number my "cost per dollar increase".

Anyway, long story short (too late), I employed this strategy and it's worked great for me so far. The game is much more fun, I've got more money then I can spend, and my time is now spent waiting for upgrades, expansions, and builds to finish, instead of waiting for money to come in.

I welcome any advice incase my logic is flawed here, or questions if any of you want to know more.

Thanks for reading, hope this was helpful to someone. Only complaint I have is that I can't find a website or post that shows cost, upgrade cost, and income levels for all money buildings... I'm slowly building my own, but I figured someone would have done it already...

01-15-2012, 01:08 PM
There is a spreadsheet out there that is more than halfway complete. I think tramp stamp started it. Maybe look for his thread on it.

01-15-2012, 01:47 PM
Law, good info. I did a lot of the same things after makin h same mistakes in the beginning. I didn't make the spreadsheets but basically took thcsame kind of approach.

I tried to add you but your ID isn't found.

Mine are
568 504 776
107 092 738

01-15-2012, 05:00 PM
One quick note on your logic - if you haven't already, you should consider adding lost revenue during upgrades into your equation. Bear with me a sec- I'm going set up the math I see from what you describe:

Collections per Day = D
Cash on hand to start upgrade = C
Current Income per Collection = I
New Income per Collection = N
Time to complete upgrade = T

I'm betting your current equation looks like: (N-I)*D/C
The change I'm suggesting is: (N-I)*D/(C+I*T)

You may have already realized this, but if you invert this equation it will tell you how many days will pass before the change in income from your investment covers the cost of your investment.

If you get to the point where cashflow isn't a problem and you're looking to increase your income faster, another equation to consider is return on upgrade time: (N-I)*D/T
If (for some reason) you were in a position where cash on hand was infinite, this equation would tell you which upgrades will increase your income rate fastest (I know I know, the assumption is pointless because it will never be true).

Anyway, I'm just rehashing a bunch of information that has probably been posted in a few other places on the forum. I'd be really interested to hear what other conclusions you've reached about economic growth. This game is pretty much parallel to Crime City economically. If you were trying to find more info about conclusions other players have reached in this economic system, you could probably look around the crime city forums as well.

I know for myself, the hardest part to figure out about upgrade/build order has been how to balance return on invested cash and return on invested time. I've basically been treating space as infinite (since it is relatively cheap when balanced against overall economic choices), but it may also need to be considered (though I am now one upgrade away from having enough space for every non rl cash money building that is currently available and it only costs 1.2 mill).

06-05-2012, 12:48 AM
I'm in a similar position with several toons. I've restarted a few times, which is tricky, because if you move a toon off a device, what's left on the vacated device will be a new toon with no quests.

At first I thought that was a deficit but I'm now thinking that might be an advantage. No accidental leveling from building.

Same logic applies to all three funzio games, btw, with slight variations. I pulled in copies of the money buildings spreadsheets for each game and have written a little python to track and spit up what seems like a good purchase for me next. Just tracking money buildings so far but thinking about doing units & equipment too. Will probably depend on the availability of the info.

Chairman Han
06-05-2012, 06:16 AM
First of all, if you don't want to be beaten up or spend lots of real money on this free game, you will have to camp. So no more missions and even limit your PvP except when it is event time.

Second, you are right that the money is King. Eventually, you will need to build all the money buildings and upgrade most of them. So level up according to your money building schedule, not others.

Third, keep your ally number minimal since high ally count will make you show up more often in strong rivals' list.

UK is good for the navel bonus but it is very slow to build up stats since the units are expensive. You will soon be tired of the transport since its stats is not good. I had 20k defense when I was at level 50 with the best defense units from infantry (0/10) and ground (2/18). For low levels (before 50), I think China is the best choice since you can get two or three times of stats with the same amount of money. At level 72 maybe Russia or UK is better for me but I will stay with China since I am from China. With my 460k IPH, I can afford the insane casualty rate for infantry. Also, you can't get 17 AP with only 125k unless you pick infantry. Also the new valor unit (31/35) for China is one of the best free units in the game and reasonably reachable. They also have the lowest casualty rate since I have not lost one yet for weeks.

06-05-2012, 07:26 AM
wow great write up. same thing happened to me, but i didnt realize it until lvl 80 or so.

ADVICE- I agree. Money is king. However, if you are a free player, VALOR is queen!!! You have to PVP to get valor. I didnt see you talk about valor or PVP, that why i'm writing this. I would suggest quitting PVE and only do PVP. The only people at my level who are stronger than me are heavy gold players and people who have 15k fights won (i have around 8k).

Imagine how long you would have to camp to buy enough cash units to go up against 600 super hornets!? It would take forever.

I played the first 80 levels doing PVE, hitting amp squad leader, and getting the amphibious trooper. I had 1,000 of them at one point. Problem is, once you start fighting they die way faster than you can replace them, so now i have about 10 left, and i replaced them with snipers.

cash-mostly for meatshields and defensive units
valor-for almost all offensive units