View Full Version : Not getting paid for completing "energy" missions

01-17-2012, 11:07 PM
Has anyone noticed recently that they are not getting paid when completing the "energy" missions, whether they be the 2 part type or final completion of the entire mission. collect money from the bundle of cash that pops out after target, but the screen that flashes up and says you won $XX amount of cash and experience points, is not actually giving you the money.

First excessive losses when attacking and now, not getting paid after doing the only other part of the game worth playing. I notified Funzion and they rest the High Mountain mission, and let me complete the one attack I had to do to make 19 out of 19 and I was then paid, but subsequently as I have moved on to the Train Station, I have not been getting paid as it states that I will, only the bundle of cash is paying.

I haven't watched the experience points, so maybe these aren't being awarded either.

Anyone else experiencing this?