View Full Version : Modern War Top 5 iPhone Grossing Apps

01-29-2012, 08:06 AM
Modern War is currently the 5th highest grossing iphone app (according to apple's app store on 1/29/2012). I had no idea the game was that popular, or more importantly, that so much money was being spent in the game. Does anyone know how often Apple refreshes the highest grossing apps list (daily, weekly, etc.)?

Let's speculate...how much money do you think Funzio is raking in with Modern War per day right now? Say 50,000 people downloaded the game. I wouldn't be surprised if a low number of people of players spend any real money (say 5,000), but those who do tend to spend a lot (average $100). Again, this is all wild guessing on my part. Curious what the crowd sourcing answer will be.