View Full Version : Casualty Loss...mine is lowering. Reason-patch or my strategy change?

01-29-2012, 07:28 PM
Not sure if there's a fix that has taken place, or if my recently implemented strategy has bore fruit, but for about 100+ battles/raids fought today, I've lost an estimate of 3 Chinooks, 2 Warthogs, a Seahawk, for a total of about 7-8 high dollar units, plus a handful of other units not worth mentioning (Patrol Boats, Armored Observation, Hum-Vee, etc). Losing between 1-3 Scouts, Rangers or Machine Gunners per battle. Have been picking them wisely, never taking any building netting me less than 10k, though I am constantly attacking guys who I hope to have a chunk of change hanging out of their vault...so very rarely am I hitting the jackpot.

What I did: last upgrade poured my points into attack, spread out my meat shield units from all scouts to 40% Scouts, 40% Machine Gunners, and 20% rangers. I was getting pretty frustrated a few days ago, level of frustration is going down. I've not logged anything, though I will now, probably tonight when my energy/stamina reset, now that I have a reason to.

You guys?

Oh, my stats (one of legion mediocre players here...):

Level 30
A: 1718, Skill: 30
D: 1965, Skill: 12
Income: 30733
#allies: 388
#units: 722

Unit breakdown:
Meatshields: 250
Patrol Boats: 200
Armed Observation-Avenger: ~40
Warthog, Chinook, Seahawk: ~60
Rest is random.

01-29-2012, 07:51 PM
Not unless it is another phased thing like the boost buildings. I still can't either attack or raid. I tried against a few 1/3 my strength. In 3 raids got 35k and lost about 160k in $ units, 2 avengers, jungle stalker and 5 loot units. I seem to be averaging 5-6 times losses in tests over the last few days. I'm been losing very low units like frigates at the same rate as my high meat shields like rangers and snipers.

01-30-2012, 05:08 PM
I have seen a decrease in casualty rate as well. I have not updated my version so I do not have access to infirmary. In fact, I have also seen an increase in loot drop rate without casualties. In my last 10 battles, I attacked for over $600k, a heavy bomber, two tree snipers, and a battle tank. In those battles, I lost about $150k in units and a border commander. I'm beginning to wonder if Funzio lowered the casualty rate for those who have yet to update.