View Full Version : Casualty losses for players with a lot of gold units

01-31-2012, 09:39 AM
While most of us are sitting waiting for changes one of my perpetual rivals who has a lot of gold units is constantly attacking, 300-400 or more attacks per day. They are not particulariy strong level 80 something with about 15k attack 14k defence, but are happily attacking me with 13k defence several times a day and I assume the same with others they attack. To me this would mean losing about 3 units a time so I don't know how they sustain this with a relatively low income.

The question is if you are 15K attack with 1/3rd gold units would you lose 2 units where a free player with 15K attack would lose 3 in the same battle and if you were a 15K attack with 2/3rd gold units would you lose 1, or do you still just lose 3 from the smaller pool of non gold units? I haven't seen any mention before of how this works.

01-31-2012, 09:44 AM
I would assume youd still lose the same amount of units. The only way to be safe is to have an entire golden army.

Theres a few gold players doing this. Most of them dont even know how to play the game and probably expect this is normal. Then go and spend more real cash to replace their losses. Either that or thier stats plummet without them even noticing. I know one big spender who spends on level, buildings and missions then buys cash unite instead. His stat dropped from 25000 to under 10000.

01-31-2012, 09:54 AM
I would assume youd still lose the same amount of units. The only way to be safe is to have an entire golden army.

Yes I was assuming that too but now I'm beginning to wonder. If you still lose the same number of units and you're nearly all gold the few non gold units you'd bring to battle would be your best ones only no meat shields so your losses would be even worse than non gold players.

01-31-2012, 11:04 AM
In my understanding and observation is:

number of lost units is proportional to your destructive army size, which means, gold player suffers small lose than you.
my low level account has 20 allies, 95% are gold units, and i never lose those 5% cash units although some of them have high casualty rate. Before i filled my army with gold units, i suffered 1-2 unit losses per fight.

i would draw an simple conclusion here, with the same amount of gold spend:

cheaper gold units occupying larger proportionality of your army which makes your cash units suffer less units lost, so buy 15 Gatling tank is a better choice than one Yamato Battleship(benifit in a long term)