View Full Version : If you have a lot of allies, does that limit rivals you can see?

War player
02-05-2012, 01:05 AM
If so, we might need to not get so many allies until we have large attack/defense numbers.


02-05-2012, 01:21 AM
i can see people with 3500 allies and i can see people with 1 ally. That might just be for my rivals list though, idk about others.

Agent Orange
02-05-2012, 03:37 AM
This will depend a lot on the level you are at. There is this magic number where you cross over anD become visible to all the high level players. It currently seems to be just over 60 based on my rivals list. At this point it doesn't matter how many you have as I see from 1 to 500 which is the limit the rivals list shows.

In levels below that threshold the rivals list is much better at picking players as close to your level and number of rivals.

War player
02-13-2012, 09:01 PM
Ok, level 69 and 330 allies. I can't see anyone under 325 allies. Seems there is a limit.

War player
02-13-2012, 09:19 PM
Also, I see way more of those with more than 330 allies than less than 330 allies.

02-19-2012, 10:14 AM
I am level 67.

I have mostly levels 66-68 on my list with a few lvl 65 & 69 if i refresh a few times