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And WE dont care, cool story, bye.

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If you feel you must quit do so. Many of of us will at some point. If you thought you could win agsinst teh upper gold players you knew you couldn't already from other threads. You started by asking for help which I gave in my famous "White Horse Analysis" under this thread http://www.funzio.com/forum/showthread.php?18888-wrong-start

JMC and Deskjockey both also gave suggestions. we all agreed you should reduce your allies, stop attacking, bulk up on defense, loot farm minisubs or Amp. troopers as a start. Worst case take JMC advice and eliminate all your allies to drop you back in the base level of the game so you wouldn't be attacked, builds your strength, then add your allies back. You had a very strong economy and military building upgrades (lv 7-8)

At that point you were L70, 3468 allies, 1288 Units, 5610 Attack, 7527 Def
Now you are L70, 3562 allies, 773 Units, 4561 Attack, 7582 Def

It is hard to tell if stopped you attacking and took any of the advice from myself and deskjockey or if you just got beaten badly by incoming attacking players. I have snapshots from before we gave advice 2/4, the day after 2/5 and today 2/8. Your number of allies increased, your Fights & Raids Both won and lost all increased (indicating you may not have stopped or are getting beaten), I couldn't find a single loot item we suggested (so you must not have tried or lost them all due to incoming attacks). I you did try these suggestions from me and deskjockey, then your only choice is quit/restart or get rid of all your allies like JMC stated above.

02-08-2012, 07:40 PM
Mav - that's some serious analysis? Are you an accountant? If you put that effort in for Cliff, I'm scared to think what you do for yourself. All good points, couldn't agree more. Good riddance.

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Bingo, I was trolling exactly for his laziness on this game.
A guy who doesn't want to put some effort on something would end up with quitting, without exception.
Once again, maverick gains some more of my respect.

02-12-2012, 10:56 AM
I'm with you. I do not understand how to play a game where you lose more than you gain. Gold is the only answer to being indestructible. A waste of time for me. Have fun, the rest of you!