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02-17-2012, 09:04 AM
hey all -

three quick things:
1) is there any point to completing more than level 1 of each location on the maps? when i completed level 5/5 in the insurgent camp, it gave me a skill point. not sure if doing this is worth it though...

2) is there any one mission with a particularly good unit reward in the first three maps?? i checked out the loot farming thread but i'm looking for something for those of us that are in lower levels 15-30

3) does stamina max out at 7/7? or does adding to attack allow for an increase? i have a few skill points but im thinking of using them for energy to decrease some of the wait time that i have completing missions...but i also want to be able to do PvP to get extra $$

any feedback would definitely be appreciated!

chuck norris
02-17-2012, 09:34 AM
There's a couple awesome threads on basic strategy. Stamina goes up past 7 ifyou use your points that way. There's some cash and XP bonuses and one ally bonus when you complete all 5 levels of maps. But there is more cash of you follow your goals. Big mistake is if you feel like leveling up as fast as possible. No rush. Reread the loot thread. There is low level loot details in it.

02-17-2012, 10:45 AM
1.) IMO, some value in the cash and experience, but I wouldn't sit there and do each to level 5 before going on to the the next. When you go to the mission click on the ? see the reward. If you are really low levels and your vault doesn't cover your profits, try staging the missions to payoff. Do all the ones that one require one attack first, then complete the remaining others up till the final attack. Meaning if it requires 6 hits, take it to 5/6 then do the same on the next item. They won't go away and keep the counters. Then when you need a large amount of cash, complete the last hit of all those pending. Then spend any cash quickly above your vault cover. This works good if people are attacking you and stealing your money above your vault when trying to save up for a large purchase. People can still hit you and steal your cash, but if you get the large cash in minutes then spend, your have far less chance of losing it than trying to slowly accumulate above your vault limit and having people constantly steal it.

2.) I think the best you will get is the Oil Aircraft Carrier 3/5 under Off Shore Drilling/Aircraft Carrier. It pays 2 other loot items, but fairly good chance on the aircraft carrier the way I remember.

3.) IMO again, I think points to energy is your best bet early on so you can do missions. Stamina recovers fast and you may not be attacking much these days. As you heard many state the PVP is broken these days, but the impact really depends on how many units you bring and your level. For me PVP is not really worth is. 10 attacks cost me about 500K in lost cash units and most people at my level have 100% of money covered in their vaults, so I only gain a small amount of valor (once I replace any lost valor units). PVP success all depends on what range of rivals you get.

As for other skill points, I have never seen any firm confirmation of how Attack/Defense skill points are used other than the Devs stated that they "provide a solid bonus". I never saw any noticeable value in these at all myself. I had this written down but someone correct me if I'm wrong. Some said if it was like CC (I never played)
[valid up to level 100]
If this were true though, I don't seen any advantage especially at lower levels, so I don't think this formula is valid to MW. If anyone has any thought of the true formula post a thread on it or reply.