View Full Version : New Units - Statotanker Plane & Inflatable Boat

02-22-2012, 11:05 PM
I was excited to see these 2 units load up in my store - but then I was disappointed.

Stratotanker A/5 D/15 $150,000
Inflatable. A/6 D/5 $25,000

Always looking for a good defense aircraft - and the Stratotanker has 18 - so it looks good on the surface - BUT - it has a medium casualty rate and it is NOT "Strong Against ..." anything :(
For that price range of $150,000 - I can get the Sea Scout for $110,000 that has Very Low Casualty Rate and is "Strong Against Sea". Thanks for the new plane - but it seems lacking compared to what's already there :(

The coolest thing about the Inflatable Boat is that it is Blue. I understand the low stats for the money - but for the same reason mentioned above - I guess it will just be a valuable unit for the lower levels players building up their forces with very little cash.

Thanks for the new units guys - but the excitement was short lived and quickly turned to disappointment.