View Full Version : I know devs don't usually respond, but this is important..

03-15-2012, 11:46 PM
By Important, could save you guys plenty of time in regards to responding to emails/complaints.

I, like many others, forked out $15.6m (more on deposits) into purchasing the 2xHummers and 2xBulldozers to have attempts at farming Double Deckers.

My intent was to obviously farm enough to coup them together with my exceleros (total of 10) to have 500 great car weapons.

It appears I've maxed in the mid 120's.

My question is..
1) Can we have our $15.6m refunded if we can hand in our 2 hummers and 2 bulldozers, as our goals have been stripped with no warning when we originaly bought them. (Will email to confirm if the answer is yes)

2) If yes, will you take our Double Deckers aswell, or do we keep them. Personally, and not just because I have 120+, but I think we should keep them. Otherwise we could have farmed elsewhere for either loot items or cash rewards.

3) The new area for Double Deckers appears to be a multi-click job. Can iPhone 4 users attain these still from the drops or just CCHD players? AND

4) In regards to question 3, can the Double Decker drop on any click, or only at the completion of the job.

Sorry for all the questions Funzio, but it's something I think would benefit both Dev's and Players in the answering of these questions.