View Full Version : Couldn't Resist the Fuel Supply Ship

03-20-2012, 11:47 PM
As many of you know, my strategy is to increase all available income/unit/boost buildings to ten before moving up one level. I want to have an incredible defense and will eventually make the switch to UK (sea bonus) I was planning on spending money for gold on a sale b/c when I bought my mac I received 100 bucks into my iTunes account :D :D This is the PERFECT opportunity I was looking for. A limited edition good deal gold unit (sea AND defense-based)!!!!

I bought 8 :D :D and still have 253 gold for that boost building on increasing unit defense. now I just need to fish out 47 more gold for tapjoy and ill have enough for the UK switch as well(: to me, $ well spent. that is, if you consider that $ spent since it was freely given iTunes credit(: