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03-25-2012, 05:58 AM
Since the sale started and seeing the new crates and peoples views about them.

I am a non gold player but after around 5 -6 months of being sucked into CC was thinking that it would be nice of me to put some money towards to Funzio! they do have mouths to feed!

At present I am saving my tapjoy gold for a GC, have around 130g bars.

Based on your current exp good or bad, would you still drop money into gold?
If yes, 650g or 1500g(they have another sale on and the crates do look good value) and what would you spend it on?
Are crates are a good option?
Gold buildings will only take me so far in my economy as in cash weapons are pretty much much useless now at my lvl.

03-25-2012, 06:08 AM
They've got me asking myself the same questions. Except my situation is a little more cut and dry because I have all the good gold buildings. You make a good point about gold buildings but having that extra income is still fun and will help eventually wether it be for equipment or growing the rest of your economy faster.

If your going to buy gold it's really up to you the reason I haven't sprung for the new crates is that my stats are already pretty high without gold equipment so in order to make a noticable difference I'd have to spend more then I would like to.

03-25-2012, 06:09 AM
I was a free player until yesterday. I'm on level 136 and needed a boost as most players around these levels (500 mafia ones, not 499 pu**ies) have good stats. I binged out and bought 2 vaults and spent 90% of it on crates and 2 GC's
Crates are deffo a good buy.I added all the weapons I got and at a guestimate, valued them at around 4K gold.

With that in mind, I can see now how easy it is to get wrapped up in spending gold especially in events.

03-25-2012, 06:22 AM
Cheers guys, the gold is not for the event but merely to boost my stats. The crates from what I can see are very good value esp if you get quality items.

For me I am lvl 117
att: 22494
def: 24608

Personally my stats are very good for my lvl but moving forward to the higher lvl's my stats could do with a boost.
I am thinking of a vault of gold, the sale on at present does help :)

03-25-2012, 06:26 AM
Buy me some gold too? I'm too young for a credit card, and I don't get that many iTunes cards. FML I want G Clubs and Rock Cafes and all that jazz. No fair! :(

03-25-2012, 06:31 AM
can you buy those itunes cards online? if so can somebody link me? im from australia

03-25-2012, 06:32 AM
Well Santa, listen to your parents.... the rest of us on here are beyond help :)

If you want to make gold, maybe come up with an angle say Santas tip/thought of the week and if you like it donate $1 to my paypal account.
There are enough people on here to donate a $1 for a smile on there face at the end of the week!

03-25-2012, 06:54 AM
Good idea. :)

I'll consider doing a thread like that. But I doubt most people would donate money to an innocent lovable kid... :)

03-25-2012, 06:55 AM
I actually thought about it, for a second.

03-25-2012, 06:59 AM

You never know, the people on this forum from what I can see are pretty nice and generous.

A dollar or 2, would not make any impact to anyone.

Go ahead and create the post, I would make a donation for sure. You have already brought a smile to my face, very witty and funny posts.

03-25-2012, 07:04 AM
What if he's a 40 year old virgin though?

03-25-2012, 07:07 AM
yeah did wonder that! You can never tell using forums esp as most of the people on this one are male.

Sorry Santa!

03-25-2012, 07:10 AM
Tell you what, what's your social security number?
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha joking. DON'T SHARE IT.


03-25-2012, 07:13 AM
I know it. Memorized it. Like a boss. But I will never share it!!!

Are you guys trying to steal my identity or something? 'Cause I know about that stuff. No taking advantage of me.

Wait, you guys seriously don't believe that I'm 13? Heck, I'm mature. So what? :)

I still like playing with Lego's and I hate school. How much more of a kid could I be? Oh yeah, I'm only 4'8". I'm quite short for my age...


03-25-2012, 07:16 AM
poor little santa!!!

03-25-2012, 07:17 AM
I also don't know many 13 year old boys who practice good grammar on game forums.

03-25-2012, 07:20 AM
indeed it is quite scary!

03-25-2012, 07:22 AM
@Santa, I think your prefer online games more than lego. More so I think you prefer forums to the actual game!

03-25-2012, 07:34 AM
I swear he's at least 30.
I do believe he's quite short though.