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03-26-2012, 07:26 PM
Just wondering if these events using cash option if level actually increases odds of getting the item. Very small sample so hard to say by just my experience and it is also across games which may make a difference but I seem to get the items a lot more in crime city L172 than modern war L39.

Last event

Boxes opened with in game cash
Crime city aprox 45, items 10
Modern war aprox 60 items 5

This event so far

Crime city 30, items 6
Modern war 30 items 3

May be just harder in modern war or just my experineces based on RNG but items do seem a lot easier to get during event in crime city where I have a high level account than in modern war where I have a low level account

03-26-2012, 08:09 PM
I notice no one has input yet. All I know is I hope level has nothing to do with it, I hope its all purely random. I feel like I have better chances in a truly random system.

08-05-2012, 10:47 PM
i don't know what to make of the crime city events... there horrible... the current one that is file cabinets... i have 24 damn cabinets and only use the medium chance... and i only have one file... i wrote to the contact us people and this is what they said..

CE, Aug 01 11:30 (PDT):

Hey Andrew,

While we understand players’ frustrations, the special event at its core is a game of chance. Please note that after gaining each event item, there is a diminishing chance to gain the next one needed. We have this and other information provided in our forums during each event that takes place. I appreciate your feedback and will pass this along to the developers to consider. I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.



which to me is a f-off... there is a big part of me that says thanks jerk off... but im not gonna... all im gonna say is that the worst problem with this game... now don't get me wrong i really like this game... but there is no way that this is even fair.. just because you pay real money shouldn't give you a 25-1 odds on something like this... i shouldn't have 24 left.. low free chance i can understand it not working all that well cuz nothing ventured nothing gained... and that if you spend real money, it should work every time....

but medium should at least be 50% chance.. no matter what.. and mind you i haven't been playing long im only at level 37 so it only costs me 3700 per try.. but still... i know how to use my phone and i know how to shut down the program and restart it... which i do every day more than once.. lg optimus one doesn't have a lot of space so i have to shut down one game to play another... but it took almost 48 hours for the game to load the event in my game...

basically the events are ways to reward people who are spending serious cash with the cool stuff.... and the thing is im totally cool with only getting the lowest one... but only one and 24 left overs that i can't use?

and the statement about there being a diminishing chance for everyone you get is totally screwed... how can you do that to people you call a customer??

and btw... how the hell are games even surviving on micro transactions.. the u.s. is in a recession.. are all your customers in japan???

and i know it just sounds like im just complaining.. but i really don't understand.. you guys should really think about reworking the odds on this thing.. increase the amount of things you need to get, files in this case, to get the rewards.. increase the odds of getting the medium chance and say the first reward at 10 or 15... thats not to much to ask..

technically speaking... there are 3 options... free, medium, gold.. so it should be 33% chance or lower for free... 66% for medium... and 100% for gold... medium should be in the middle... not no chance for free and a 4% chance (1/25 = .04 = 4%) for medium... and 100% for gold... thats just a big F-U in the face... especially to me...

08-14-2012, 02:34 AM
Well it looks like the new update has done a fantastic job fixing these week events... I applaud you devs for a job well done!! this fix was by far 100% better than the old system... i especially like that you renamed the chances from free, medium, high to low, fair, high... it seems better...

it definitely seems harder to get the forgery printers than it did with the last ones... top 250 is only 14...

so far i have only picked up 4 total.. of which 2 were mediumed as stolen identities... and one was cash.. one was a fail... but the failed ones don't go away you get another chance at them... which i find odd but ok with it... its probably a clitch but in the player favor.. makes sense though cuz you are paying money either way might as well keep the damn thing if it fails... but still the count is 3 to 1 for medium chance so far... great improvement...

only one bad thing this time... for some reason the event didn't pop up until 3days 20hours left in the event... so it failed to pop up for 28 hours i assume since i haven't actually seen if they are for 5 days or 7 typically...

all in all... 100% better improvement on the chance aspect of the events... still need to work that updating bug out...

thanks for all your work guys

08-20-2012, 05:19 AM
well my request is simple... i would really like to be able to have a search function for people by nick name... like if i want to find a specific person screen name and i don't have there id number or even a search for like if i have a group of people and we want to make an attack on a specific person..

and my report is kinda weird... im not able to start a new thread... which is the only reason that i am writing this here


thanx in advance

08-20-2012, 05:25 AM
Fail. Extra characters.