View Full Version : How to delete allies from event ?

03-30-2012, 05:11 AM
Hi guys,

I wanted to know if someone has a solution for deleting allies you get when you succeed to open a box ?

I don't want to have more than 5 allies, and i'm at 7, impossible to delete them. it makes me angry.

Thunder Child
03-30-2012, 05:24 AM
Surely two allies don't represent such a disaster?

03-30-2012, 05:51 AM
It is not possible..

Also, it is pointless to go as low as 1-5 allies. Because those with 10 allies can see u on theirs ravil list. So, it is not hiding ur self but weaken urself. I would say. If u want to hide ur self, 10 allies would be the minimum.

03-30-2012, 05:57 AM
They r called grunt. N one does not simply delete a grunt ally. it will grunt u to oblivion.

N yeah, go with digi suggestions, 10 allies. Keep an eye on ur rivals list tho. If it's still grouped plur with 10 allies with 30 or 50 allies thn u need to make sure ur 40 units frm 10 allies r high stat unit.