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This is JohnnyR's "General Tips for NEW and OLD MW Players"
The FNG Guide!

Free gold at tapjoy.com! Thread with all the details:

This is a tip sheet for anyone new or old players to Modern War that covers many of the basics that are all over the threads here on the forum. If you've got a tip, fact, spreadsheet, or anything to share, please post in the appropriate thread of the Stickied The "Best of the Best" Guides!. This first post will be updated constantly, so don't worry about having to scroll through all of the pages of this thread. Let's begin:

Things everyone has to know before making a post or thread

*Gold can now be collected through tapjoy.com. Currently downloading and openning apps at tapjoy or real money purchases are the only way to get gold. Right now there is a potential of collecting about 420 gold in free apps and trial programs (Netflix, Discover Card, etc).


Modern War allows 5 allies per level and 4 units per ally.
FORMULA: Level x 5 x 4 = MAX amount of units allowed in battle
Worked out, that means up to 20 units at level 1, 40 at level 2, 60 at level 3 and so on...

***Allies do NOT "bring" their units for you to use in attacks. They simply allow you to use more of YOUR own units.***

Profile "Attack and Defense" #'s

The units you purchase and their attack/defense values are what determine your attack and defense statistics. If you are level 5 you are allowed 25 usable allies and you can have 100 units maximum to attack with, The TOP 100 attacking units are what you will take to battle. For your defense score, the game counts the Top 100 defensive units.
EXAMPLE: Say you have 100 fighter jets (attack/defense 3/1) and 100 patrol boats (attack/defense 2/2)-you will have an attack score of 300 and a defense score of 200.

Skill Points:

These acquired through leveling up do NOT contribute to any observable stat. However, it is believed that they impart benefit and are the "X-factor" in determining battles won or lost, but cannot be measured (yet).

Dreno33 Comment: My personal belief is that Skill points give a bigger PROBABILITY in the random variable of all fights/raids.
Let's say you have 6,000 usable Attack and a rival has 6,000 usable Defense. With a random variable, there would be a tie. That's where the Skill Points come in. If you have 10 attack SP and that rival has 3 defense SP, you have a BETTER probability within the random variable in winning an attack/raid.

Definitions and Acronyms

A/D: (attack/defense) refers to the attack and defense score listed in your profile. NOT the skill point values unless noted.

PVP: refers to raiding or attacking of another player, (player versus player). Usually to gain experience, valor, money, and/or to accomplish a Goal.

PVE: (Player versus Environment) Any action or progress made in a mission goal featured in any of the maps. Actions are map exclusive and not directed toward any player.

PPE: (Payout Per Energy) The number given for a PPE is the amount of $ PER 1 energy given through PVE. (i.e. "Iron Mine" unlocked around level 80 gives an incredible 1908 PPE)

LLP: (Low Level Player) Usually refers to a player's secondary account on a different device. Many times a "camper" account dedicated to building economy while benefiting from lessons learned from the mistakes made on the primary account.

FNG: ("Fairly" New Guy) - self explanatory to adults haha(:

Camping: The act of deliberately slowing down the process of leveling up. Usually in order to build strong economy (income) and vault. Also used in order to avoid strong oppnents who raid and attack often. Camping is carried out by maintaining a low ally count, avoiding PVP, and avoiding actions that lead to gains in experience and generally focusing on economy building.

Farming: The act of repeatedly attacking a target (PVP and/or PVE) in order to gain a specific unit, amount of cash, or another thing.
-Common units farmed are Desert Leader, Amphibious Trooper, and Mini-sub.

Attack: When a player attacks a rival directly for his cash, valor points, or to complete a goal.

Raid: When a player attacks a rival's BUILDING for the BUILDING's cash.
-Cash from buildings cannot be protected by vault.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why does my rival at level 10 have a building even though it has a higher level requirement?
A: Funzio did not always place level requirements on buildings. Previously, players could build all or almost all buildings from level 1. It is believed that they put level requirements in order to prevent turtling or camping at low levels.

Q: Why do I keep losing money even though I put it all in the vault?
A: There are two ways a rival can take money from you, the "attack" and the "raid." These are two very different things, please do not interchange them. Attacking takes money directly from you, whatever cash on hand you have. This is the money the vault protects. Raiding on the other hand takes money from your money producing buildings. This money cannot be protected but by collecting your money in timely fashion.

Q: How do I get a guy to stop attacking me (any and all reasons)?
A: Assuming you cannot just buy units to make yourself stronger, there are a few ways out of this.
1) Level up, or let him level up-if you've not attacked him and he seems to be picking on you, try to level up-or stop your leveling up progress. Once you are a few levels away from him, you won't show up on his rival's list.
2) Attempt to ally him, allies cannot attack another ally. Find HIS ally number, either on his wall, or perhaps other rivals walls he has posted on. It is unlikely that he'll add a person that he likes attacking, so you must take initiative.
3) Friendly banter. If you've ever attacked him, you are on his newsfeed, and basically given him a key to directly visit your base whenever he feels like. These messages on his board through your friendly banter will eventually push your attack further down the his newsfeed until disappearing. Do not spam.

Q: Why do I lose to a weaker or evenly matched rival?
A: There are many reasons.
-Number one reason is that boost buildings and perhaps nation bonus are not included in stats that you see when visiting his profile. Boost buildings add a potential 20% to attack, and nation bonuses add 10%. Conceivably the stats you see can be 30% less than what he actually has.
-Reason number 2, his skill points are higher than your attack points. Skill points influence the chances of battle outcomes, the higher your attack, the more chance you will win, the higher your opponent's defense, the higher chance he'll repel your attack.

Q: Why am I being attacked by a person 5, 10, 20 or more levels above me?
A: It is possible that you attacked his base and that you are on his newsfeed. If you are on his newsfeed, you could be 100 or even more levels away and he can still find and attack you. This is one of the reasons to pick your battles wisely, don't be attacking anyone you'll regret coming back to get you.

Oddities and Things to Consider:

-At this present moment boost bonuses to attack and defense scores are NOT included in viewing your opponent's A/D score in their profile. The boost bonus IS ONLY visible when viewing YOUR own profile (not rivals).

-DO NOT ACCEPT MORE THAN 1000 ALLIES. You will lose them all if you do this!!! This is all over the forums right now, but if the devs don't feel it necessary to change this, here is your warning!

Fast Facts:

1) Vault limit is 10,000,000.
2) Useful Ally limit is 500 (any over does nothing).
3) Unit limit is 2000.
4) Selling GOLD buildings gives you NOTHING BACK.
5) Selling regular buildings gives you half in game money back.

Nation Bonuses:

United Kingdom: 10% toward Sea Power (unit's attack and defense point values on sea units is increased by 10%)
-UK has the highest possible defensive stats when nation bonus is factored in.

Russia: 10% toward Air Power (unit's attack and defense point values on air units is increased by 10%)
-Russia has highest possible attack stats when nation bonus is factored in.

Germany: 10% toward Ground Power (unit's attack and defense point values on ground units is increased by 10%)
-Germany will not have highest stats in either attack or defense category, but the highest valor unit in ground has the best defense stats of all the valor units.

China: 10% toward Infantry Power (unit's attack and defense point values on Infantry units is increased by 10%)
-China also will not have any particularly powerful stats in Attack or Defense categories when buying Infantry units, however, the GIGN unit is the cheapest of the "high value" valor units.

USA: 10% faster stamina recovery.
-Stamina points are used in attacking others, this allows for more PVP action.

Iran: 10% faster energy recovery.
-Faster energy recovery allows one to complete mission goals (PVE) faster.


Tramp Stamp's Opening and Economy Guide:

Building Construction/Upgrade Cost & Output Spreadsheet:
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgEHrvnoijXudG1NaFdaQUp5QlowT0RqS1Z2bll6Z UE&hl=en_US#gid=4

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Twas actually planning on redoing the thread, this looks interesting though.

Also, I've slightly edited a few bits for clarity, just FYI there.

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Twas actually planning on redoing the thread, this looks interesting though.

Also, I've slightly edited a few bits for clarity, just FYI there.

couldn't find any changes since I put this up. what did I miss?

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couldn't find any changes since I put this up. what did I miss?
good one DR... stay on Johnny... he likes to work too much! and doesn't play on the boards like he should.
so, Dreno is becoming the Necro Master!!! lol
(actually, i'm glad you raised TS' from the dead, too!)

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good one DR... stay on Johnny... he likes to work too much! and doesn't play on the boards like he should.
so, Dreno is becoming the Necro Master!!! lol
(actually, i'm glad you raised TS' from the dead, too!)

Jeez, wish someone would bring 'im back, least we have old posts to read...

Heh, speaking of strangers, hello there Strick!

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Jeez, wish someone would bring 'im back, least we have old posts to read...

Heh, speaking of strangers, hello there Strick!
hey man... remember, McDoc asked you if you were sure you wanted to take this project on... lol
now you will be pushed and prodded 'til the cows come home. ;]
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