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This is Agent Orange's quick Overview on MW and some of his own personal tips! Enjoy(:

Game Summary:

Perface, Modern War is an online war style game created by Funzio. It was released in Canada around the second week of November 2011 and is reported to be loosely based on Crime City, another Funzio creation.

The purpose of the game is to build a base that will generate income allowing the player to purchase more items for their base, war units or defensive buildings. A player can only upgrade, build or 'clear' a new square of base one at a time in other words you cannot build two or more buildings or upgrade two or more buildings at the same time. The same goes for expanding the land or water area of your base.

Dreno33 comment: Not stated, but, for all the newcomers, you CAN upgrade AND build AND increase your vault AND expand all at the same time, just not 2 of the same thing (i.e. upgrading).

Rival's List:

You can attack other players through the use of the Rivals List which looks like a Radar Screen (black & green) near the Lower Right corner of your screen. The game appears to loosely group your rivals based on the level they have achieved as well as the number of allies they have added to their profile.

When you bring up your Rivals List you have two options, Raid or Attack.
TIP: It is wise to use the Raid function in order to assess your rivals base before you attack it. By clicking the Raid button you travel to your rivals base where you can view their Profile which is located at the right side of the screen.
The most critical pieces of information are their Alliance Attack and Alliance Defense values. *The defense value should be lower than your attack value otherwise you will loose any attack you make on this rival.

Dreno33 Comment: * Remember that this is not always necessarily true. A rival may have thousands of units but (as you will learn in other threads/guides) we are limited to how many we may bring to battle. Therefore, you may only bring in the STRONGEST attack units you have while attacking/raiding. Same goes for the rival's strongest defense units.
Even if the defense asset # is greater than your attack asset #, you may still very well be stronger(:

These values are compiled by the game by assessing the units you have in inventory. There is some debate as to what your army should be composed of though my feeling is that you need a fairly balanced army to be successful.

Unlocking Units:

Note that you must build Unit buildings and then upgrade them in order to unlock units shown in the Units area of the game.
You have 4 main areas:
1) Infantry
2) Ground
3) Air
4) Sea
Each have a variety of different units and all tagged with specific values. One for attack which is the top value beside the starburst and the other defense which is tagged with a shield. These units may be purchased with cash that you generate in the game or bought along with gold which may also be bought. You will see either a gold brick or stack of cash at the bottom right corner of each unit which tells you how they may be obtained.

Nation Selection:

When you first configure your player's profile you are asked to choose a nation. There are six to choose from and each one will give you player a specific advantage in one particular area.

United Kingdom: 10% toward Sea Power (unit's attack and defense point values on sea units is increased by 10%)

Russia: 10% toward Air Power (unit's attack and defense point values on air units is increased by 10%)

Germany: 10% toward Ground Power (unit's attack and defense point values on ground units is increased by 10%)

China: 10% toward Infantry Power (unit's attack and defense point values on Infantry units is increased by 10%)

USA: 10% faster stamina recovery.

Iran: 10% faster energy recovery.


Energy is used to play the missions in the Map Area of the game which can be accessed by clicking on the Clipboard at the Bottom Right Corner of the screen.
The more energy you have the more missions you can attempt although most missions also require you to have a certain number of units already on hand in order to access them.


Stamina is required in order to attack/raid other players through your Rivals List.
The more stamina you have the more attacks you can carry out.

Skill Points:

In order to increase your staminia or energy as well as attack or defense skill points you need to accumulate XP points which are tracked at the top right of the screen. Each time you move from one level to the next you receive 3 skill points which can be used to add to your attack, defense, energy or stamina.

Depending on your strategy you may elect to use a balanced approach here or just top up one or two of the above.


At the Top Left Side of the screen is a folder called Goals. In it are various challenges you can do in order to gain more XP, Valor or cash.

These goals are pretty much self explaining. A word of caution: Following these goals results in fast leveling which can become a huge disadvantage. If you level up too quickly you stand the risk of arriving at the top levels of the game where there are many powerful players with large quantities of attack and defense asset #'s.
*Some of the most powerful of these players have well over 70,000 attack and 70,000 defense.

Various Strategies:

There are a number of strategies that you can employ in the game. The most important thing you can do is upgrade and USE your vault which is accessed via the Clipboard Icon (Bottom Right Corner of your screen). By using this you can protect your cash from rival attacks. Otherwise your unprotected cash can be 'stolen' by a rival during an attack.

Building a strong economic base is also important since building a war machine is quite expensive. Therefore, building and upgrading money buildings is also important and must be active at all times.

A strong defense is also important, there is some debate as to whether defense buildings actually do anything. My feeling is that they do and therefore I use them on my base.

***Several players have posted some really good information about the game and some strategies they employ. Take a look below for yourself.***

Tramp Stamp posted a very good guide to opening moves here,

Emcee posted a good guide to a strategy called turtling here, though disregard the comments about cheating. This is a strategy and not a cheat.

There is a thread about the casualty issue here,

as well as here,


Loot are units you 'win' when completing missions in the map area of the game. In some cases you can obtain some decent units as well as cash. I have several favorite hunting areas many of which are covered here,

Dreno33 Comment: In my stickied thread, there is a list where you will find all useful spreadsheets, including a looting/farming spreadsheet

If you think you might have started off on the wrong foot this might be for you,

My general observation is that the game is still in the process of being developed and therefore some things seem to be quite fluid in nature. That can be pretty frustrating if you are trying to develop a long term strategy but there are enough key areas to consider that even with changes you should still be ok.

"Whales" & "Gold Spenders":

You will find mention of whales or gold buyers, these players have purchased units or buildings in game. This can become quite expensive over the long term but can pretty much guarantee you of a very powerful base and army.

My personal feeling is that if you want to spend a small amount of money it is best spent at the beginning of the game where it will do you the most good otherwise the sky's the limit.

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