View Full Version : My chance of getting weapon boxes is....

04-26-2012, 03:40 AM
For once, its the 4th day of the event and for some random reasons, I just can get a single weapon box even if I kept attacking others and doing missons. Just wondering did anyone got the same problem or its just purely bad luck!

One thing I notice since the start of these events; the chance of getting something (weapon box in this one) is decreasing. I remember the first one I got about 10 when it was only the 2nd day. And now, this time I got 0 and its the 4th day.

A piece of recommendation:
- Dont start attacking others and doing mission to increase your level too quickly because its a trap to those that have not got a strong financial backgroud(in the game). These events are just simply a way of getting players to increase their levels quickly so that they become weaker and others will be able to attack you! If you keep being attacked and can grow your base and income quick enough, what will you do (you know that!) ? So I am now not going to put my foot into this trap!