View Full Version : Army composition when attacking

04-27-2012, 08:47 PM
Hey guys,

Just have a curious question as to the nature of attacking pvp:

1. Is your army composition consist of the strongest attackers and then decending? Because I checked my battle log and I have some foot soldiers and weak monsters when im pvp attacking while I have extra ballista that has higher attack. I checked I have 11 and only 5 was used in battle (was repeated a few times to check for consistency too).

2. About army gear, are those class specific like your hero? As in do army units like machines use armor and weapons or is that restricted to infantry/mages


Edit: Nevermind, it would seem that even though that the unit is listed in the raid result its not used unless it has the x1 or x(number) on it. However it would seem like some units does not or can not use some of the armor/weapon that i have. Is there a chart or compatibility for units and gear somewhere?