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04-30-2012, 06:17 AM
Navigation Controls the movement of Vechicle !!!!

Navigation is a process that controls and monitors the movement of a vehicle or craft from one place to another. The navigation tells about the latitude, altitude and the longitude. This navigation process is performed with the help of certain navigators that are used as a tool to identify or determine the directions. One of the known navigators is the Global positioning system navigator device. This tool receives the signals to determine the current position of device anywhere on the earth. This tool shows the longitude, latitude and altitude. This gadget is widely used in the aviation, marine, military and in case of the consumer product applications. Including features of navigation, this device also include maps that can help determine the geographical locations. The device suggests a direction to the in charge of the vehicle. The iinformation regarding the traffic and the nearby hotels and restaurants is also provided by this device that is a promising feature no doubt. It also highlights the paths to the specific locations and identifies that how many ways are there for your desired location. The device also indicates that which route has heavy traffic and which alternative routes have less traffic. GPS navigators not only save time but also facilitate the travel throughout journey by identifying multiple routes.

Tom Tom GPS (http://www.computervalley.ca/tv-media/handhelds/gps-navigation-systems) is another navigational device. It is one of the first navigators that are recalled today. It possesses three components basically i.e. in-dash board devices, the navigators and the car control services. The navigation software mobiles have also been incorporated into it. The basic feature of this gps navigator is that it provides the bird eye view in connection with the road map view. It provides the spoken and the visual help for driving and choosing the desired destination. Its visual and spoken aid helps a lot and useful to a lay man. Some tom tom gps navigators also interact with the mobile phones by using the medium of blue tooth and the traffic congestion maps. A lot of models have been introduced but the basic difference is found on the level of the software. The hardware usually remains the same in all the models but the software is changed. It is definitely a smart choice for common people who want to enjoy their journey in the most confident way.

Garmin GPS is another navigational tool that is extensively being used because of the unique features. The most widely used Garmin GPS product is the Garmin traffic. Most of the time radio RJs advice to drive slowly or tell you about weather conditions and heavy traffic on specific routes, this is because they use Garmin traffic tool to facilitate the listeners for their well being.

All aforementioned navigational devices are of great importance from common to professional mariner or traveler because they provide extensive services by providing details about the latitudinal and longitudinal directions, multiple alternative routes, heavy traffic routes and weather conditions. They are highly useful to make the journey comfortable, directed and confident.