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Chris Jobe
04-30-2012, 03:19 PM
What do you do when switching roms to not loose your game play data? I have a nexus prime and am currently playing with AOKP. Milestone 5 just came out so of course I used titanium backup to backup all apps but after loading to M5 and restoring with titanium backup my game was gone. Luckily I always make a backup so I just reverted back to build 34 and cant figure out how to keep my data from being wiped as I must wipe the phone data and cache to go from 34 to M5.

Any ideas?

Was thinking if I start the old phone transfer and reboot -> wipe phone data and cache (TB loads data on the "sd" portion of the disk) -> Load M5 -> Titanium backup restore -> New phone transfer

Kinda stumped here


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