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05-02-2012, 01:39 AM
I guess I must just suck at searching for answers in forums --- time for eye drops again
But before I go could someone answer a few quick questions? Thanks in advance, much appreciated.

#1) Mob members – I understand when I go to fight (attack, rob or defend) I bring my mob with me = the # of my level x5 (provided I invited that many i.e. entered that 9 digit code X# of times). My question is – does it matter what level my “friends” are? I assume they only fight with the best of MY weapons i.e. The weapons I have in my inventory. So I assume it doesn’t matter if all my mob peeps are level 200 or level 2

#2) As I understand it each of my mob members brings one (the best) gun & melee & amour & vehicle & explosive to the fight. So the trick is to find the “best bang for the buck” = a weapon that has good stats and doesn’t break the bank. Also one I could grow with – for awhile anyway. Any opinion on what a newbie should stock up on? I'm leaning towards AK-47s they seem cheap enough and have decent stats for low level players.

#3) I read in an earlier post that there is a maximum on the number of defensive “buildings” you can have (50) is this still the case? I probably don’t have to worry about something like that at this juncture of my CC career :D just curious --- I might not like to raise too many towers to level 10 if I know I’ll just have to tear them down someday.

Thanks again for your help/advice – this is a beautiful game --- like football :D lol

05-02-2012, 01:51 AM
1) It doesn't matter what level they are.
2) Not really necessary to buy many items. Loot drops and pvp loot drops plus respect weapons are in almost every case better than what you can buy at the store. Especially respect weapons but don't spend too much respect points on the low level respect items, wait until you can get the better ones that will be useful the entire game.
3) Yes, 50 is the max for defensive buildings. Many believe that tons of defensive buildings are more for show and do little to protect your hood. Some truth in that.
Welcome to the zoo.

05-02-2012, 01:53 AM
LOL @ zoo :D

As always - on this forum - THANKS for the speedy reply !!
Cheers :)

05-02-2012, 01:57 AM
You seem like an intelligent n00b, welcome!

The level of your mafia members does not matter. Correct, each mafia member can bring up to 5 total objects with them to each fight. (one per category) That is capped at level 100 for a max of 2500 equipment used per fight.

For what weapons to buy, keep in mind that you can have individual attack and defense weapons. Something like mace at 1/6 can be really useful even tho you wont use the 1 attack by the time you're ready for it. When attacking you use your best attack items, and thats whats shown in the fight screen. However when you're attacked, your opponent sees your best defense items. Also note that anything unlocked by mafia size (any weapon/car/building etc) is going to be the best bang for your buck.

Read some economy threads and get your econ on track asap so you can outfit your mob with cash items and save your respect coins for later on because anything you can buy now will be replaced and those respect coins will be wasted. Spending a few to make yourself strong for your level definitely wont kill you tho.

50 is the max # of defense buildings, and most here recommend not upgrading them at all or upgrading them to level 3 max as we feel their full potential is not gained.

05-02-2012, 04:46 PM
[QUOTE=deuces;201081]You seem like an intelligent n00b, welcome! QUOTE]

Ah shucks thx! but I'm really closer to the village idiot :P The more I read on here the more I realize I shoulda read the manual 1st. I leveled up way too high too fast - but I'm not the quitting type = I'm not looking for the reset button just yet. I'd like to work with what I got - play the hand I was dealt -- after all a pair of two's ain't so bad right? ;)

So I spent the 1st couple of days on CC entering mob codes cause I thought that's what I was supposed to do LOL :-D I was level 10 with like 800 mob members LOL And I tried to get high level mob members because peeps were advertising "active player", "hourly log ons" now I find out that doesn't even matter... I mean it doesn't matter how often/much they play --- only how much I play. And then again it doesn't matter how much I play if I don't play with a plan. Although kudos to the folks at Funzio -- they have made a game that you can play (and enjoy playing) many different ways.

Soooo now I'm up around lvl 40 and realized there aren't many targets for me -- in fact I'M the target LOL A sitting duck -- a lame duck --- a dead duck?!? :P

Ten levels ago I realized I should switch to "camp mode" BUT I got caught up in the race to get that tenth crate -- er rather the 10th painting from the crates.

Thanks for the advice re: my economy --- its painfully obvious I must attend to that --- yesterday :P