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05-12-2012, 10:32 AM
Do your defense buildings protect you from Raids, and your Unit Defense protect you from Attacks?

Or does your overall Defense Score, protect you depending on your Attacker/Raider Attack score?

One more thing, I can't see how your allies help your statisics. When I add an ally, it doesn't increase either my attack or defense scores. Maybe it's not even supposed to. Can someone explain how your allies work for you?

Trying to figure this out...

MW#: 236507173, Level 23
Alliance Members: 418
Alliance Attack: 2380
Alliance Defense: 4216

05-12-2012, 11:04 AM
You'll hear different opinions here about what defense buildings do, but the conclusion I've come to at this point is that all your defense buildings and units protect you in attacks, and units protect you in raids while defense buildings only protect buildings within their range during raids. That's how it appears to me, but I've read others who disagree.

You can use 5 allies per level in battle, and each of them allows you to bring 4 additional units to battle. At your current level, you can use 115 allies in battle for a total of 460 units in battle. Any allies you have over 115 at your current level will do nothing for you.

05-12-2012, 02:23 PM
Warfiend is 100% correct on the def building. I just like to add that the maximum allies you can have is 500 at level 100. So max units you can bring into battle is 2000.

05-12-2012, 03:25 PM
I agree with both of the above conclusions

05-14-2012, 08:24 PM
Thanks - that makes everything make more sense. That is why when I buy lower cost units as you add more allies, they are worth less or aren't worth as many attack/defense points I should say. SUPER HELPFUL! Thanks guys!

05-15-2012, 03:03 AM
Conclusion: You need to delete your allies until you get down to around 85 to 95. Then you should make sure you're commit to NEVER buy another unit less that 15 attack or less than 15 defense once your unit buildings unlock higher units.

Remember: You really have 2 separate forces. Lets say you have 100 Allies - therefore you can bring in 400 units to battle. The game will pick your TOP 400 units with the HIGHEST Attack stat to take into battles and raids. On the other hand, when you get attacked, the game will pick your TOP 400 Units with the HIGHEST Defense stat to protect your base.

SO - for your Attack force - choose units that get your Nation Boost (if applicable) to create 400 of the Highest Attack points you can afford - i.e - 100 Super Hornets (36a/26d), 100 Submarines (10a/8d), 400 FREE Amphibious Troopers (6a/8d), 100 Leopard Tanks (13a/12d) - OR ANY Combination of units to ensure you get the highest attack score possible for your level / unit building.

SO - For your Defense Force: look to buy 100 Ambulances (2a/18d), 100 Global Hawk Drones (4a/15d), 100 Sea Scouts (3a/17d) and 100 Medics (0a/10d) - they would largely comprise your DEFENSE and with their LOW attack stats, more than likely would not be taken into battle and therefore not lost when you attack.

There are SOME units that are pretty balanced and will be used in BOTH Attacks AND Defense such as the Stryker (16a/14d) which requires a level 2 Robotics Factory, or a Pavelow Helicopter (13a/14d) or my favorite - the Amphibious Hovercraft (16a/16d) and finally the Osprey VTOL (17a/22d). The only problem with these "balanced Units" is that since they are in BOTH your forces, they get used EVERY time and sometimes end up dying more than you mentally would expect.

Of course you can bypass all this and buy Triple Crates and get awesome units that will dwarf all that I mentioned above :p

And - Oh - BTW - buy ALL 5 Turrents, ALL 5 Guard Towers, and eventually ALL 5 Mine Fields and place them close to the the middle of your base with all of your cash buildings positioned to be overlapped by as many defensive bldgs as possible. Some will argue that the defensive bldgs don't do much - but that plus adding Skill Points to Your Defense will make you a silent killer when people raid or attack you and you will wake up many mornings with 30k left behind form people who don't plan ahead and put all of their points in other places and overlook your defense :)

Good luck!