View Full Version : Casualty theory

05-13-2012, 09:30 AM
I understand, that if I have two units, one with High Casualty and another with Low Casualty, I will more likely lose the one with High Casualty. But if all my units are High Casualty, does it really matter?

So the big question is this: if all my units were Very Low Casualty would I lose less of them in battle than if all my units were High Casualty? Or Casualty rate only allows me to chose which units I am more likely to lose but not how many will I lose?

05-13-2012, 09:51 AM
I talked briefly about this in a different thread somewhere. My theory is that whether your army is all high casualty or not doesn't increase the amount of deaths, but just makes the unit that dies be the high casualty unit rather than the low casualty unit.

I did many attacks with flamethrower troops as my meatshields. I then recently changed to russia and my stealth surveillance drones replaced them in my army. I didn't notice this was what happened, but my casualty rate seemed the same, with all my valor units dying like crazy. At the rate at which flamethrower troops had died before. My army was entirely valor units and units with low or very low casualty rates, putting my valor units as meatshields. I have since bought a bunch of SEALs and the number of casualties remain about the same, but the SEALs are taking the hits.

Right now though the casualty rates just went off the charts. I'd rather not attack someone with under 3000 defence and lose 100 attack and defence stat worth of units every battle.